Remington® Introduces New Externally Adjustable X-Mark Pro Trigger

January 05 2009

Madison, N.C. – Since its introduction in 2007, the Remington X-Mark Pro trigger, utilizing advanced technological manufacturing processes and extremely tight production tolerances, may be considered the finest production trigger in the marketplace. With virtually no creep and its clean, crisp “breaks-like-glass” feel, the X-Mark Pro delivers enhanced accuracy and unmatched shot control. Now, our best production trigger just got better – for 2009, Remington is proud to introduce the Adjustable X-Mark Pro Trigger with external adjustment for trigger pull weight. This user-friendly, externally-accessible adjustable trigger is set at the factory to a pull weight of 3 ½ pounds with a 2 pound range of adjustment (3 to 5 pounds).

The key components of the X-Mark Pro trigger feature mirror-like surface finishes for crisper trigger pull. Electroless nickel plating enhances corrosion resistance and further improves surface finish. The result is an ultra-crisp feel with no creep. The X-Mark Pro Adjustable trigger operates like the current Remington fire control and features a safety that blocks the sear and trigger. The advanced design allows for consistent 3 ½ pound trigger pulls set directly from the factory. Should you feel the need; the trigger can be externally adjusted within a range of 2 pounds (3 to 5 pounds) with the included tool.

The X-Mark Pro Adjustable Trigger now comes standard on all new 2009 Model 700™ and Model Seven™ bolt-action rifles. For true custom performance in a production-grade rifle, look for Remington centerfire rifles wi