Remington Partners with Blood Origins for Arkansas Black Bear Conservation

Lonoke, Arkansas – April 22, 2022 – Remington Ammunition is excited to announce their new partnership with Blood Origins, a nonprofit organization dedicated to conservation. Remington will be joining the organization as a mission supporter and part of Blood Origin’s Conservation Club.

“We look forward to this partnership with Blood Origins,” said Joel Hodgdon, Remington Director of Marketing. “Their global initiatives are something we’re proud to help support. Being able to do so in our home state of Arkansas while aiding in conservation is important to Big Green.”

Blood Origins funds conservation projects in the US and abroad, completing boots-on-the-ground work while simultaneously telling the story of hunting’s positive impact on wildlife and communities.

The partnership with Blood Origins comes about as the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission prepares to collect new information on their black bear population by putting collars on bears in the Gulf Coastal Plain of Arkansas. With the help of Blood Origins, data gathered throughout this initiative will be used to directly monitor black bear populations and assess growth rates needed for sustaining the black bear population.

“Remington has joined in our mission of conveying the truth about hunting and hunters,” said Robbie Kroger, Founder of Blood Origins. “With Remington’s support, we’re able to continue to share a message of conservation through scientific study and impact."

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