Two hunters looking off into the distance

How To

First hunt, first firearm or finally time to learn that new skill, Remington is here to help. Check out the articles and videos below to get your journey started.

two hunters and a dog in a field


Get started chasing those elusive roosters this fall. Watch below as our in-house seasoned pheasant hunter covers the basics, tips and tricks, gear, and safety for a lifetime of upland memories.

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Wild Game Cooking

Wild Game Cooking

From venison to waterfowl, John Wallace of Wild Game Cook dishes up seriously delicious wild game recipes for the everyman.

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Dustin Sanchez standing outside

How to Shoot Long Range

Lifelong rifle shooter, Dustin Sanchez heads to the range to break down the basics of long range competitive shooting, field matches, and more.

Adam Weis wearing a camo hood while looking down a shotgun

The Basics of Turkey Hunting

Remington Ambassador and YouTuber, Adam Weis AKA WhoTeeWho covers all things turkey hunting, from tactics and decoys to gear and common mistakes.

duck decoys being held together by strings

Duck Hunting How To

Whether you’re into chasing pheasants, downing mallards, or slaying duck, Jon Lehman, a full-time hunter and YouTube producer shares tips for a successful waterfowl hunt.

Matt Hewett looking down the scope of a rifle

Get Fit for Hunting Season

Remington Ambassador Matt Hewett shows you how to shape up and get fit for hunting season.

Ben Dettamanti walking on a dirt road

Elk Hunting 101

Ben Dettamanti covers everything from caliber selection to elk calling tips.

Lady with a rifle on her back pointing off in the distance

Rifle Hunting 101

Bucks, hogs, hunting stands, and scouting land. Learn what it takes to fill your freezer.

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Man looking down the scope of a rifle while in a prone position

Firearm Cleaning Explained

Pistol, rifle or shotgun, Remington helps you clean up in just a few minutes.

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Danyela D'Angelo holding a rifle

Shooting Tips

Learn the basics of 3 Gun with Danyela D'Angelo

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Julia Stallings standing behind a shooting stall and catching ejected shotshells

Shotgun Shooting Tips

Remington Pro Shooter Julia Stallings will help you improve your shotgun shooting skills.

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