Remington SuperCell ™ Recoil Pad – the World’s Most Effective Recoil Reduction System

Madison, N.C. – Shooting is supposed to be fun, and nothing ruins the experience and disrupts good shooting form like excessive recoil. All shooters, regardless of skill level or body stature, are affected by the negative consequences of heavy recoil. New for 2008, Remington has conquered this problem with the introduction of the revolutionary SuperCell recoil pad. The Remington SuperCell Recoil Pad comes standard on most new Remington shotgun and rifle products and is sold separately as an accessory item for use on many current production firearms with wood and synthetic stocks.

The product of a decade of research and development by Remington’s top recoil-suppression experts; the SuperCell recoil pad utilizes a complete matrix of millions of proprietary Polyurethane “SuperCells” to harness and release energy over a much longer time period, resulting in dramatically reduced felt recoil. Rearward force of your gun is reduced from a “kick” to a gentle push and muzzle travel is diminished, resulting in the softest shooting experience possible.

“Our Pump Beats Their Semi-Autos” - laboratory tests have proven the Remington SuperCell recoil pad outperforms competitive recoil reduction systems. In one particular comparison, our Model 870™ pump action shotgun exhibited 54% less recoil when fit with the SuperCell recoil pad than competitive semi-auto shotguns with factory pads. SuperCell recoil pads are proudly made in the U.S.A.