Remington Unveils the .17 Remington® Fireball® Bilstering Speed, Superior Accuracy and Explosive Impact

Madison, N.C. – In recent years, new introductions of .17 caliber rimfire cartridges have taken the hunting and shooting industry by storm. The .17HMR and .17 Mach 2 brought new levels of rimfire performance to varmint hunters and target shooters alike. New for 2007, Remington plans to re-energize the world of 17 caliber centerfire ammunition with the introduction of the .17 Remington Fireball. This addition to Remington’s Premier® AccuTip™ Line eclipses the popular 17HMR by an astonishing 1450fps!

The 17 Remington Fireball, based on the classic .221 Remington Fireball case, is an extremely well balanced cartridge that provides laser-flat trajectory, with match grade accuracy, all in a compact package that does not require excessive maintenance and won’t burn out barrels. When loaded with Remington’s super accurate 20gr AccuTip-V bullet, the .17 Remington Fireball has a blistering muzzle velocity of 4000fps, rivaling the velocity and trajectory of the legendary 22-250 Remington out to 300 yards. That’s awesome performance from a cartridge that uses 50% less powder and generates a whopping 86% less recoil than the 22-250. You’ll never lose sight of your target when firing the .17 Remington Fireball, even with rifles scoped with today’s high-power optics.

The 17 Remington Fireball is perfectly suited to short action firearms with 223 Remington bolt dimensions. To further complement this offering, look for exciting new rifles chambered in this caliber in Remington’s 2007 lineup. From the work-horse Model 700SPS to the beautiful model Seven CDL, you’re sure to find the perfect combination to suit your needs. Whether you’re pursuing prairie dogs, ground hogs, coyotes, or targets, the .17 Remington Fireball puts the fun back into 17 caliber centerfire rifle shooting.

Offerings for 2007 are as follows:
Remington® Premier® AccuTip
  Caliber Bullet  Weight  Muzzle Velocity 
NEW  .17  Remington Fireball  20 gr.  4000 fps