Remington Teams Up With Regency Conversions To Release Limited Edition Series Pickup Trucks

FORT WORTH, TX. – Regency Conversions, the nationwide leader in custom conversion vehicles, has teamed with Remington Arms, the largest and oldest American gun manufacturer in the United States, to produce a line of Remington Limited Edition series pickup trucks.

In business since 1816, Remington is the market leader in domestic sporting firearms and ammunition and the single most recognized hunting brand in all of the United States. As a result of the longevity of the brand, Remington has embarked, over the last several years, on a licensing strategy to sell specific products in the hunting and outdoor market.

Scott Lester, Remington license manager, explained. “One of the first products that came to mind was the pickup truck. Obviously, the pickup is directly related to hunting. We wanted to find the best supplier in the nation to make the truck, brand it the correct way, and be able to sell it in the marketplace. And hands down Regency was that company.”

Wayne Davis, president of Regency said, “Remington is a top tier company, as we are. They researched the market and decided on us. We’ve got two strong brands, Regency and Remington.”

Regency is offering the “Remington Limited Edition” through four different manufacturers: Chevrolet, GMC, Ford and Dodge. Every truck will be a four-door crew cab, available in either two or four wheel drive. No matter the brand, Regency Conversions has gone all out to create a Remington Limited Edition with a bevy of unique features sure to warm the heart of every hunting enthusiast.

On the outside, the 18” chrome plated wheels give every pickup a muscular stance. “Remington Limited Edition” logo on the tailgate, and “Remington” incorporated above each front door handle into upper body pin striping, further identifies the truck as a special edition.

Inside, seats are 100% upholstered in saddle grade leather- front, sides, back- and feature custom “baseball” stitching. In addition, head rests and console are custom embroidered with the famous Remington name. Even the steering wheel is custom two-tone leather, utilizing the saddle color. Each dash is covered in wood and set off by gunstock oak colored gauges featuring “Shotgun shell” medallions and Remington logo. Door panels continue the look of the old west with saddle colored inserts and custom “baseball” stitching.

Hunters can also order, as accessories, a Warn Winch, which attaches to the front bumper, and a “gun vault,” which lays flat in the pickup bed.

Kraig Knight, Regency’s National Sales & Marketing Director said, “I was raised in the hunting and fishing-hole lifestyle. I go home at night slapping myself that we’re working with the largest and oldest gun company in the United States. It’s incredible. Everybody at Regency is excited. I believe we’ve built a truck worthy of their legacy.”