Remington Introduces Premier Expander Shotshell Ammunition Featuring Barnes Sabot Slug

Huntsville, AL – Delivering 2 ¾” or 3” magnum-caliber terminal performance in 12 and 20 gauge, tack-driving precision and Barnes devastating copper petal expansion, the new Remington Expander Sabot Slugs.

The Remington Premier Expander shotshell features Barnes all-copper tipped Expander slugs. The Barnes Expander slug is precision engineered with six cutting petals that deploy at impact to inflict enormous terminal damage and pass-through penetration to down game instantly.

The Remington Premier Expander shotshell is loaded to the highest industry standards with top quality components to provide hunters the fullest measure of confidence in accuracy and terminal performance. Additionally, the all-new Remington Premier Expander shotshell line of ammunition features the ballistics listed on its packaging.

Ultimate Trophy-Taking Technology Powered by Barnes.

GaugeShell LengthSlug WeightSlug TypeMSRP122 ¾”438gr.Barnes Expander Tipped$14.69123”438gr.Barnes Expander Tipped$16.87202 ¾”250gr.Barnes Expander Tipped$14.69203”250gr.Barnes Expander Tipped$16.87

Order # Gauge Shell Length Slug Weight Slug Type MSRP
20696 12 2 ¾” 438gr. Barnes Expander Tipped $14.69
20715 12 3” 438gr Barnes Expander Tipped $16.87
20815 20 2 ¾” 250gr. Barnes Expander Tipped $14.69
20817 2 3” 250gr. Barnes Expander Tipped $16.87

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Premier Expander Shotshell Ammunition
Tuesday, October 9, 2018