Remington and TRCP announce partnership

WASHINGTON – The Remington Outdoor Company and the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership are launching an innovative new partnership that will highlight and strengthen the connection hunters and shooters have to America’s outdoor resources and the role they play in preserving our sporting heritage.

“The Remington Outdoor Company exemplifies our nation’s outdoor lifestyle and is engaged like no other company in actively upholding sportsmen’s ability to hunt and shoot,” said TRCP President and CEO Whit Fosburgh. “We at the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership are thrilled to be forging a partnership with Remington that will promote hunting access, a conservation ethic and an overall sporting lifestyle to sportsmen and –women.”

The cornerstone of the Remington-TRCP partnership is on expanding hunting access for sportsmen. Inability to access land, both public and privately owned, is the primary reason sportsmen stop pursuing traditions they enjoy. The new partnership also focuses on strengthening and diversifying sportsmen’s awareness of issues affecting wildlife habitat conservation, as well as access.

“TRCP and the Remington Outdoor Company recognize our significant obligation to responsibly manage our natural resources. Together, we stand at the vanguard, defending our outdoor, uniquely American lifestyle,” said Remington CEO George Kollitides. “Like the TRCP, preserving America’s distinctive hunting grounds and fishing holes for future generations is a top priority – no, an obligation – for Remington. As the foremost manufacturer of firearms and ammunition, we are a staunch supporter of and partner with the TRCP.”

Remington is one of the largest and oldest firearms and ammunition manufacturers in the world. The Remington Outdoor Company includes such iconic brands as Remington, Marlin, Barnes Bullets and Mountain Khakis.

“Remington’s lineage precedes even that of Theodore Roosevelt,” Fosburgh stated, “and, like Roosevelt, it today symbolizes America’s connection to the land and our outdoor legacy. The Remington-TRCP partnership will capitalize on that legacy, helping to ensure that future generations of sportsmen have quality places to pursue our passions.”

Established in 2002, the TRCP is the nation’s foremost coalition of hunting, angling and conservation groups and individual grassroots partners, working together to preserve the traditions of hunting and fishing by strengthening federal policy and funding for conservation and access.

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Inspired by the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, the TRCP is a coalition of organizations and grassroots partners working together to preserve the traditions of hunting and fishing.