Remington® VERSA MAX™ Receives Field & Stream Best of the Best Award

August 17 2011

Madison, NC –Field & Stream magazine awards top honors to “the absolute best new and innovative products” in its September 2011 issue. Their panels of experts rigorously test and select new products as the best in their class. Remington proudly announces that the VERSA MAX autoloading shotgun has been named Field & Stream "Best of the Best" in its category for 2011.

“Recognition from such a prestigious magazine as Field & Stream solidifies the VERSA MAX’s position as the new leader in versatility and reliability in the autoloading shotgun field,” stated Scott Blackwell, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Remington Arms Company. “We are truly honored to be recognized by the panel of experts at Field & Stream.”

About the VERSA MAX

The Remington VERSA MAX is the new standard for reliability in autoloading shotguns. It shatters convention and all previous benchmarks for reliability with an action unlike any that have come before it. Proven in the field and in extreme tests of endurance with thousands of test rounds, VERSA MAX cycles all 12-gauge loads with ultimate consistency, softer recoil and less maintenance than you’ve ever experienced.

At the heart of VERSA MAX is the patented VersaPort® gas piston system, an extremely reliable, semi-automatic operating system consisting of seven gas ports and two gas pistons for enhanced load versatility, softened recoil and reduced maintenance. Whether you shoot the lightest 2½” target loads or the heaviest 3½” magnums, the VersaPort gas system works by self-regulating gas pressure based on the length of the shell, resulting in flawless cycling no matter the load. The patented gas system also reduces the VERSA MAX’s felt recoil to that of a 20 gauge. Additionally, with its self-cleaning gas piston system, overall maintenance time and effort is greatly reduced. With fewer parts than conventional gas systems, cleaning easier and there are fewer parts to maintain.

Any load. Anywhere. Every time the new pinnacle of autoloader technology.