Albuquerque Police Department Continues to Choose Remington®

October 26 2011

Madison, NC – Remington Arms Company, LLC (“Remington”) is proud to announce that the Albuquerque Police Department again chose the Remington® Model 870™ Police Magnum as their department issued shotguns.

“We’re looking forward to receiving our most recent shipment of 100 Remington® 870™ P shotguns,” stated Commander Tim Gonterman - Albuquerque Police Department. “They have long been a large and integral part of our firearms and less-lethal inventory.”

The Albuquerque Police Department (“APD”) is one of the largest law enforcement entities in the State of New Mexico, serving the city of over one-half million residents. They face many unique challenges in their jurisdiction and have found unique ways to address the problems. APD has a highly visible equestrian division which patrols downtown and events in the city. Police in Albuquerque are well-known for helpful, friendly, community policing. The police department is a leader in the area for training with firearms and tactics having multiple ranges with diverse capabilities. Kirkland Air Force Base is located in Albuquerque bringing the pride, resources and challenges a military base brings to a community.

Remington is the leading law enforcement shotgun manufacturer in the United States and has produced more than 10-million Model 870™ shotguns. The Model 870™ was introduced in 1950 and continues to be a staple of hunting, competition, recreational and law enforcement. It is built with a solid steel receiver machined from an 8-pound block of ordinance steel. The dual action bars offer the most reliable operating system of any pump action shotgun.

The shotgun chosen by APD is the Model 870™ Police Magnum which features an 18- inch barrel, parkerized metal finish, black synthetic stock and low-profile sight system. The sight system offers fast, accurate shot placement and reduced time to get back on target.

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