Remington® Re-Introduces 20 Gauge Compact Versions of Model 11-87™ Sportsman™ - Now with Adjustable LOP

January 05 2009

Madison, N.C. – Remington introduced two 20 gauge versions of the Model 11-87 Sportsman synthetic autoloading shotgun in 2008. Branded as Youth guns, these more compact, magnum 20 gauges provide a fully-equipped, well-designed option for smaller stature adults as well. For 2009, Remington is pleased to re-introduce these two Model 11-87 Compact Sportsman synthetic shotguns in 20 gauge, wearing their new “Compact” name. And for optimal fit, these autoloaders feature our new Adjustable Length of Pull (LOP) System.  Now your shotgun can be tailored to fit you or grow with a younger shooter.  Black Synthetic version and a fully camouflaged offering with Mossy Oak Break-Up® are available.

This low-recoiling shotgun has all the features that have made the Remington Model 11-87 a legend in America’s hunting fields, including smooth feeding, absolute reliability and solid construction. The Compact Sportsman 20 gauge will chamber 2 3/4 and 3-inch shotshells and comes with a fast-handling 21-inch vent rib barrel with a single bead sight and is equipped with our interchangeable Rem™ Choke System. Modified choke tube is supplied. The premium-grade stock and fore-end, with sling swivel studs, are constructed of weather-resistant synthetic to provide years of durable service in the field or on the range.

The gun’s most important feature is the new Remington Adjustable Length of Pull System, providing for a full one-inch of adjustment in increments, utilizing the two 1/4-inch spacers, one 1/2-inch spacer and corresponding screws. Proper fit is essential for comfortable shooting and to better handle recoil; and with the addition of Remington’s patented SuperCell™ Recoil Pad, comfort is improved and shooter fatigue is lessened. Millions of “SuperCells” harness and release recoil energy over a much longer period of time, significantly reducing felt recoil. With the shorter 21-inch barrel length and reduced weight of 6 ½ pounds, this Model 11-87 provides proper balance and easy-handling characteristics.

The black synthetic version features a matte black, non-reflective finish on the exposed metalwork and the camo version has full Mossy Oak Break-Up coverage on the stock, fore-end and exposed metalwork

The Model 11-87 Compact Sportsman 20 gauge autoloading shotguns are designed not only to fit properly, but to perform with the reliability and dependability that you expect from Remington.

Offerings for 2009 are as follows:
Remington Model 597™ FLX Camo™
Model 597™ FLX Camo™
Action Autoloading
BBL Length 20 inches
Overall Length 40 inches
Avg. Weight  5 1/2 lbs 
Stock Material  Synthetic 
Stock Finish  Next FLX Hunting Digital Camo 
BBL Material  Carbon Steel 
BBL Finish  Black Matte