Remington Introduces Disintegrator Varmint Ammunition

January 05 2009

Madison, NC – New for 2009, Remington has introduced what may possibly be the perfect varmint hunting ammunition. Premier Disintegrator Varmint ammunition is designed to deliver precision accuracy with devastating on-game performance.

As the name implies Disintegrator Varmint ammunition is loaded with our new frangible bullet design; delivering explosive expansion unlike any conventional lead-core copper jacketed bullet. On the outside, Disintegrator looks like a typical jacketed hollow point bullet, however the specially designed iron/tin bullet core (which contains no lead) is designed to disintegrate upon impact, fragmenting into tiny pieces and providing devastating results on varmints. This new bullet offers the radical on-game performance that today’s varmint hunters seek, combined with a safety-enhancing, reduced tendency for ricochet - all with an environmentally friendly non-toxic composition.

Remington® Disintegrator Varmint Ammunition will be offered in two of today’s most popular varmint calibers - 223 Remington and 22-250 Remington, both featuring 45 grain jacketed hollow point bullets. Disintegrator Varmint ammunition meets all requirements for hunting use in areas designated as “non-lead” hunting zones.

Offerings for 2009 are as follows:
Premier Disintegrator Varmint Ammunition
Order Number  Cartridge  Bullet Style  Bullet Weight 
23901  223  Remington Jacketed Iron Core  45 gr 
23903  22-250  Remington Jacketed Iron Core  45 gr