Remington Introduces Copper Solid Centerfire Ammunition

January 05 2009

Madison, NC – New for 2009, Remington is excited to announce the newest member of the legendary Premier Gold Box ammunition family, Remington Premier Copper Solid Centerfire Rifle Ammunition. As the name implies, Premier Copper Solid rifle ammunition features a precision-engineered, polymer-tipped copper matrix bullet, designed to provide a combination of extreme accuracy with devastating penetration and maximum weight retention - perfect for all big game species. Premier Copper Solid ammunition is offered in today’s most popular calibers and grain weights, and as an added bonus, meets all requirements for lead-free hunting ammunition.

The polymer-tipped nose with sleek secant ogive profile and boat tail base produce an extremely high ballistic coefficient that flattens trajectory and preserves down-range energy. Premier Copper Solid ammunition is specifically constructed, under a proprietary manufacturing process, to deliver controlled expansion and nearly 90% weight retention. These performance characteristics, coupled with the superior penetration and down-range energy, make it a perfect choice for all big game applications ranging from whitetail to moose.

Premier Copper Solid Ammunition Performance Features:

     • Precision Copper Matrix Construction
     • Polymer-Tipped Bullet Design with Boat-Tail Base Engineered to Provide
     • High Ballistic Coefficient and Flat Trajectory
     • Expansion Initiation
     • Minimum Bullet Tip Deformation in Magazine
     • Expansion Cavity Behind Tip to Allow Controlled 1.8X Expansion with Deep Penetration
     • Annular Bullet Grooves for reduced friction, decreased bore fouling and greater long term accuracy
     • Non-Toxic Bullet Material

Offerings for 2009 are as follows: 
Core-Lokt Hunting Ammunition
Order  Number Cartridge Bullet Style  Bullet Weight 
27633  243 Win Copper Solid Tipped  80 gr
27653  270 Win  Copper Solid Tipped  130 gr 
27659  7mm Remington Mag Copper Solid Tipped  140 gr 
27675 30-06  Sprg Copper Solid Tipped 150 gr
27678 30-06  Sprg Copper Solid Tipped 180 gr
27696 308 Win Copper Solid Tipped 150 gr
27688 300 Win Mag Copper Solid Tipped 180 gr
27692 300 Remington Ultra Mag  Copper Solid Tipped 180 gr