Remington Introduces 30 Remington AR

January 05 2009

Madison, NC – Remington has broken new ground with the introduction of the 30 Remington AR. Big Green combined its Ammunition and Firearms technical resources to design a completely new big game hunting cartridge, engineered specifically to operate in a lightweight Model R-15 modular repeating rifle.

Now for the first time, 30 caliber hunting performance is available in the R-15 modular repeating rifle. As part of 2009’s most innovative new hunting system, Remington 30 AR ammunition provides big game-dropping ballistics similar to the venerable 308 Win in a cartridge sized perfectly to fit in the R-15 rifle. This new system will give big game hunters an alternative to going afield with the larger AR-10 style rifle.

This revolutionary new cartridge will be offered in three dependable, time-tested bullet configurations, specifically designed for maximum performance at the velocity and energy levels generated by the 30 Remington AR. Initial loadings will be the Remington Core-Lokt® or Premier® AccuTip available in 125 grain bullet weights and a UMC® metal case practice round loaded with a 123 gr bullet.

Remington’s new 30 caliber hunting system, which combines the Model R-15 modular repeating rifle and the new 30 Remington AR cartridge, marks a new beginning for hunters entering the deer woods of North America.

Offerings for 2009 are as follows:
30 Remington AR Centerfire Rifle Ammunition
Order Number  Cartridge  Bullet Style  Bullet Weight 
23893  30 Remington AR  Core-Lokt  125 gr 
29003  30 Remington AR  AccuTip  125 gr 
23899  30 Remington AR  MC UMC  123 gr