Remington combines 450 Bushmaster with Bushmaster AR-15

January 05 2009

Madison, NC – Designed to take on any North American big game species, the 450 Bushmaster provides a formidable package when combined with the reliable Bushmaster® AR-15 platform. Now Remington has made this combo even more deadly by introducing 450 Bushmaster ammunition loaded with the legendary Core-Lokt® bullet.

At a muzzle velocity of 2200 fps, the 250 grain Core-Lokt bullet delivers nearly a ton of energy at 100 yards. The “Deadliest Mushroom in the Woods” takes on new meaning when coupled with this dynamic hunting package.

In 1939, Remington Arms Company Inc. set the world standard in centerfire rifle ammunition design and performance with the advent of the Core-Lokt bullet. This new bullet design was based around the thicker mid-section of its heavy metal jacket which mechanically locked to its inner lead core. The Core-Lokt bullet was the first controlled expansion bullet that provided hunters with minimum bullet break-up and deep penetration on game. Over the years, Remington has refined the original Core-Lokt design and perfected the manufacturing processes used to produce it. Now, nearly 70 years after its introduction, the Remington® Core-Lokt bullet has taken more big game than any other bullet on the market. Generations of hunters have trusted Remington Core-Lokt to put meat on the table and trophies on their walls.

Offerings for 2009 are as follows:
Core-Lokt Hunting Ammunition
Order Number Cartridge  Bullet Style Bullet Weight 
27939  450 Bushmaster Core-Lokt  250 gr