"Diamond Dave" Smashes ATA Singles Trap Long-Run Record using Remington® Premier® STS® Target loads

August 20 2009

Madison, N.C. – Remington would like to congratulate David Shaeffer, Jr. for his amazing accomplishment of setting the new Amateur Trapshooting Association’s (ATA) Singles Long-Run record of 2,166 registered singles targets. Shaeffer completed his record-breaking run at the Cardinal Center in Marengo, Ohio, on August 20, 2009, using Premier STS Light Target loads, the standard in target shooting reliability.

Shane Naylor, Remington’s Gun Club Product Sales Manager, said, "Dave has shown all of us what dedication, concentration and focus can do for you; especially when combined with the finest target loads on the market, Remington STS." Naylor continued, "Don’t forget that in the midst of this incredible run, he broke 450 targets in the Clay Target Championship shoot-off and posted a 100 straight in the Remington Nitro 27 Handicap during the Grand American to take that title. Unbelievable is probably the best word to describe what he has done. I am sure this record will stand for years to come. Congratulations Dave!"

Shaeffer’s record surpasses the previous established record of 1,695 broken targets set in 1998.

About Remington Premier STS Target Loads

Remington's STS Target Loads have taken shot-to-shot consistency to a new performance level, setting the standard at all major skeet, trap, and sporting clays shoots across the country, while providing handloaders with unmatched reloading ease and hull longevity. Available in 12, 20, 28-gauge and 410 bore, Premier STS shells are the most reliable, consistent and most reloadable shells you can shoot.

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