Adjustable Length of Pull Spacer Kit

January 05 2009

Madison, N.C. – Shooters and hunters are unique in their size and build. Adjusting the length of a shotgun’s butt stock was generally not an option, so most learn to shoot the gun as is or visit their local gunsmith to have the stock custom-fit. For 2009, Remington is proud to introduce an Adjustable Length of Pull (LOP) Spacer Kit for 12-gauge synthetic stock Model 870™ pump action shotguns, Model 1100™ and Model 11-87™ autoloading shotguns.

Each kit includes two 1/4-inch LOP Spacers, one 1/2-inch LOP Spacer and corresponding screws for easy adjustment up to one additional inch. Whether you have a youth shotgun which can grow with your child or you just require a longer LOP, now you can quickly adjust the stock length and easily accommodate any shooter with the perfect length of pull.

The Adjustable Length of Pull Spacer Kit (19481) is available as a Certified Remington Gun Part and comes standard on the new Model 870 Express® Compact, Compact Camo and Jr. Compact pump action shotguns and Model 11-87 Compact Sportsman® and Compact Sportsman Camo autoloading shotguns.