Three Full Featured Bolt-Action Rimfires Join the Remington® Model Five™ Series Including Youth Version

Madison, N.C. – The Model Five Bolt-Action Rimfire rifle has garnered well-deserved respect since its introduction in 2006 for its superior performance, ruggedly-solid design and surprisingly affordable price. Three new versions will join the standard 22 LR and 22 WMR brown laminate stock offerings in 2008 – the Model Five Youth in 22 LR; the Model Five Laminate in 17 HMR; and a classic Model Five in 22 LR with European Walnut stock. Whether you are a new shooter, small game hunter or just like to spend an afternoon plinking, these full-featured rimfires deliver a level of performance you would only expect from a premium centerfire rifle.

The Model Five platform features a reliable, smooth-operating solid steel bolt action; carbon-steel, hammer-forged barrel with standard 1:16 inch rate of twist; detachable, steel magazine box with five-round capacity; steel trigger guard; chrome-plated bolt body; single stage trigger with manual two-position safety; butt plate; convenient sling swivel studs (excluding Youth version); adjustable big game-style rifle sights; and dovetail-style receiver for the option of mounting optics. Both receiver and barrel wear a traditional polished blue finish which completes this classic rimfire rifle.

Model Five Youth 22 LR – Comfort, fit and safety are the key features of a firearm designed for the younger shooter and this rimfire may just be the perfect “first-time” rifle. The downsized, hardwood stock has a shortened length of pull (123/8-inches) which provides proper balance and fit with the more compact 161/2-inch barrel. Bolt-actions inherently offer a level of safety with manual cycling of the bolt required but the inclusion of a single shot adapter on this Youth version adds the option of turning this five-shot capacity rifle into a single shot. The Model Five Youth platform, combined with the affordable and easy-shooting 22 LR chambering, makes this rimfire the ideal rifle for the new shooter at the range or to take afield on their first hunt. Suggested retail price: $237

Model Five Laminate 17 HMR – The flat-shooting, medium range 17 HMR offering has many rimfire enthusiasts back out at the range and in the field. By combining this premium performer with the accurate Model Five bolt-action, rimfire shooting is taken to the next level. On this version, the flawless-functioning action is housed in a sturdy weather resistant, brown laminate stock. 22 LR and 22 WMR chamberings are also available. Suggested retail price: $363

Model Five European Walnut Stock 22 LR – If a more traditional rimfire offering is your preference, then this Model Five with a classic wood stock, constructed of European Walnut, may catch your eye. Available in 22 LR only. Suggested retail price: $279

Every shooter needs a bolt action rimfire rifle and these well-designed Model Five rifles deliver performance, accuracy and a whole lot of fun!

Offerings for 2008 are as follows: 
Remington Model Five™ 
Model  Five Youth  Five Laminate  Five European Walnut 
Action  Bolt/22LR  Bolt/17 HMR  Bolt/22LR 
BBL Length  16 1/2 inches  22 inches  22 inches 
Overall Length  35 1/4 inches (Short & Long)  40 3/4 inches  40 3/4 inches 
Stock Material  Hardwood  Brown Laminate  European Walnut 
Stock Finish  Satin  Satin  Satin 
BBL Material  Carbon Steel  Carbon Steel  Carbon Steel 
BBL Finish  Polished Blue  Polished Blue  Polished Blue 
Average Weight  5 1/2 lbs.  6 3/4 lbs  6 3/4 lbs