Remington® Premier® Green® Centerfire Rifle Ammunition – Lead-Free Hunting Ammunition

Madison, N.C. – Welcome the newest member of the Remington Premier Gold Box ammunition family; Remington Premier Green lead-free hunting ammunition. Premier Green Centerfire Rifle Ammunition features lead-free hunting bullets, developed to meet the needs of big-game hunters. Remington has teamed up with a worldwide leader in non-toxic bullet technology - Lapua, to combine the Naturalis® Copper bullet with Remington loading technology. The result is ammunition that offers outstanding on-game performance while meeting all requirements for lead-free hunting ammunition. The Naturalis bullet is a proven performer that has been favored by serious Scandinavian hunters since its introduction.

Remington Premier Green Centerfire Rifle Ammunition provides outstanding performance on all big-game species and offers the following features:

  • Non-Toxic Solid Copper Bullet Design
  • Polymer-Tipped Bullet to Minimize in Magazine Bullet Tip Deformation
  • Expansion Cavity Behind Tip to Initiate Controlled Expansion While Delivering Deep Penetration
  • Nearly 100% Weight Retention
  • Uniform 2X Bullet Diameter Expansion

Premier Green ammunition is available the following big game hunting calibers: 243 Win, 7mm Rem Mag,
308 Win, and 30-06 Sprg.

  Offerings for 2008 are as follows: 
  Remington®  Premier® Green® Centerfire Hunting Ammunition 
  Order #  Cartridge  Bullet Style  Bullet Weight 
New  28941  243 Win  Lapua Naturalis  90 
New  28945  7mm Rem. Mag  Lapue Naturalis  160 
New  28947  30-06 Sprg.  Lapue Naturalis  180 
New  28949  308 Win  Lapue Naturalis  180