Remington® Model 700™ North American Custom – For the Next Level of Accuracy and Performance

Madison, N.C. – Accuracy is a hallmark of every Remington Model 700 rifle, but there is a level of precision attainable only through personal attention and craftsmanship. New for 2008, step up to the next level with the Model 700 North American Custom rifle. Designed and constructed by hand in the Remington Custom Shop by the absolute best gunsmiths in the industry, the Model 700 North American is built with the hunter in mind to deliver absolute durability, reliability and precision accuracy for a lifetime of use in the field. Model 700 North American rifles are available in both carbon and stainless steel versions and are hand fitted to Bell & Carlson composite stocks with full-length aluminum bedding blocks for maximum rigidity and accuracy.

Both models feature custom turned and chambered, hammer-forged barrels that are fluted for weight reduction and increased heat dissipation. These custom barrels are then mated to “blue-printed” actions for consistent “guaranteed” sub MOA accuracy. All Model 700 North American rifles feature stylish jeweled bolts and are fitted with a machined steel trigger guard and floor plate for the ultimate in durability and protection.

This exclusive combination is topped off with the famous Model 40-X™ adjustable trigger that’s tuned and set in the Custom Shop at a crisp hunter-ready 3 lbs. If you strive for the next level of accuracy and performance, look no further than the Model 700 North American Custom Rifle.

Offerings for 2008 are as Follows:
 Remington Model 700
 Model  700 North American Custom
 Action  Bolt
 BBL Length  24 inches, 26 inches (Magnum)
 Overall Length  44 1/2 inches, 46 1/2 inches (Magnum)
 Stock Material  Bell & Carlson Composite
 Stock Finish

 Desert tan w/ Black Webbing(Carbon)

 Black w/ Grey Webbing (Stainless)

 BBL Material

 700 North American - Carbon Steel

 700 North American Stainless - Stainless

 BBL Finish  Matte
 Avg. Weight  7 1/2 lbs