Remington Introduces the Premier AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug – “It’s all About the Tip”

Madison, N.C. – Remington is excited to introduce the Premier AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug. As the name implies, the Premier AccuTip is the most accurate sabot slug available. The secret behind the superior accuracy of the Premier AccuTip lies within the design of its patent-pending Power Port™ Tip. Composed of a high strength polycarbonate, this unique tip controls aerodynamic properties, balancing the slug and enhancing accuracy. Laboratory tests have proven the Premier AccuTip to be twice as accurate as the next best competitor!

The extreme performance of the Premier AccuTip doesn’t stop with accuracy. Precision spiral nose cuts combined with the bonded brass-jacket construction of the large, 58 caliber, 385-grain bullet provides superior controlled-expansion characteristics.

The Premier AccuTip consistently expands to near 1 inch diameter at all ranges from 5 to 200 yards with over 95% weight retention for tremendous energy transfer and penetration.

A close examination of the big game record books quickly reveals one strikingly consistent fact; the overwhelming majority of trophy book whitetails are found in slug-only states. Why stake your hunt on inferior shotgun slugs? When the buck of a lifetime steps out at 150 yards, go ahead and squeeze the trigger! Remington Premier AccuTip Bonded Shotgun Slugs provide big-game hunters with the perfect combination of superior accuracy and controlled expansion with devastating on game performance.

  Offerings for 2008 are as follows: 
  Remington® Premier AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug 
  Gauge  Length  Slug Weight  Muzzle Velocity 
New  12 gau.  2 3/4"  385 grain  1850 fps 
New  12 gau.  3"  385 grain  1900 fps