Remington Introduces the Model Seven™ Predator – The Ultimate Bolt Action Predator Rifle

Madison, N.C. – Predator hunting is currently the most rapidly growing segment of the hunting industry. Serious predator hunters need a quick handling, compact rifle capable of precision accuracy and stealth-like concealment. New for 2008, Remington is excited to introduce the Model Seven Predator; the ultimate, field-ready bolt action predator rifle. The Model Seven Predator is available in five popular calibers for 2008; 17 Remington Fireball, 204 Ruger, 22-250 Remington, 223 Remington and 243 Win.

The Model Seven Predator comes ready to take into the field with the following design features:

  • Short, rigid action, combining light weight with outstanding accuracy
  • Complete coverage in Mossy Oak Brush® camo
  • 22-inch magnum contour fluted barrel for full-velocity performance with rapid barrel cooling
  • Hinged floor plate for easy unloading between set-ups
  • X-MARK PRO™ trigger that breaks like glass for the ultimate in shot placement
  • Patented SuperCell™ Recoil Pad for minimal loss of sight picture during recoil
Offerings for 2008 are as follows: 
Remington Model Seven™ 
Model  Seven Predator 
Action  Bolt/Short 
BBL Length  22 inch 
Overall Length  39 inches 
Stock Material  Synthetic 
Stock Finish  Mossy Oak Brush 
BBL Material  Carbon Steel 
BBL Finish  Mossy Oak Brush 
Average Weight  7 lbs.