Remington Adds Three New Loads to Its Highly Successful Category of Managed-Recoil® Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

Madison, N.C. – All shooters, regardless of skill level or body stature are affected by the consequences of recoil. Remington Managed-Recoil ammunition has established a new category of performance-based low-recoil ammunition, available in the most popular big-game cartridges. For 2008, Remington has expanded its innovative line of Managed-Recoil centerfire rifle ammunition to include 260 Rem, 7mm-08 Rem and 300 Remington Ultra Magnum.

Managed-Recoil ammunition delivers fully effective hunting performance with less than 50% of the recoil of standard cartridges. Now shooters of all experience levels can spend time on the range or in the field without the discomfort of stiff recoil. Hunters can rely on the benefits provided by a managed recoil product that delivers comfort, confidence, and most importantly, reliable on-game performance.

Remington’s Managed-Recoil Ammunition succeeds where other low recoil ammunition fails. Competitive attempts at curbing recoil have focused solely on reducing the amount of gunpowder while using the same heavyweight bullets as their standard loads; this compromises the trajectory and energy levels. Only Remington’s Managed-Recoil ammunition focuses on the entire cartridge by combining select propellants and a specially designed Core-Lokt® bullet built for optimum energy and 2 times expansion with 85% weight retention at lower velocities.

Additionally, Managed-Recoil ammunition is engineered to impact the target within 2” of a standard cartridge at 100 yards. This feature means hunters transitioning between Managed-Recoil and standard loads will require little to no scope adjustment on their rifles.

Remington Managed-Recoil ammunition delivers- Half the Recoil…Twice the Confidence!

  Offerings for 2008 are as follows: 
  Remington® Managed-Recoil® Centerfire 
  Caliber  Bullet Type  Bullet Weight 
New  260 Rem  Core-Lokt® PSP  140 grain 
  270 Rem  Core-Lokt® PSP  115 grain 
New  7mm-08 Rem  Core-Lokt® PSP  140 grain 
  7mm Rem Mag  Core-Lokt® PSP  140 grain 
  30-30 Win.  Core-Lokt® PSP  125 grain 
  30-06 Sprg.  Core-Lokt® PSP  125 grain 
  200 Win Mag  Core-Lokt® PSP  150 grain 
New  300 Rem Ultra Mag  Core-Lokt® PSP  150 grain 
  308 Win  Core-Lokt® PSP  125 grain