Remington Arms Company, Inc. Increases Early Consent Fee, Further Extends Early Consent Date and Makes Certain other Modifications with Respect to its Consent Solicitation for 10 1/2% Senior Notes Due 2011

MADISON, N.C. – Remington Arms Company, Inc. (the “Company”) issued today a Supplement (the “Supplement”) to the consent solicitation that the Company commenced on May 1, 2007 (the "Consent Solicitation") relating to the $200,000,000 principal amount of its 10 1/2% Senior Notes due 2011 (CUSIP No. 759576AE1) (the "Notes"), which, among other things, further extends the early consent date to 5:00 p.m., New York City time, May 17, 2007 (the “New Early Consent Date”) and increases the Early Consent Fee to $7.50 for each $1,000 principal amount of Notes. The Supplement will be furnished by the Company to the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) as an exhibit to a Form 8-K, and will be available on the SEC website,

In accordance with the Supplement, if all conditions to the Consent Solicitation are satisfied, holders of Notes who validly deliver their consents pursuant to the Consent Solicitation by the New Early Consent Date (and do not validly revoke their consents by the date the supplemental indenture containing the amendments to the Indenture is executed) will be paid a consent fee of $7.50 for each $1,000 principal amount of Notes, which is an increase as compared to the earlier amount of $5.00 for each $1,000 principal amount of Notes. Certain other provisions of the Consent Solicitation will also be amended. These modifications of the proposed amendments to the Indenture include changes to the definitions of "Permitted Holder" and "Change of Control" and the deletion of the defined term "Transaction", as further described in the Supplement.

Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC is serving as the exclusive Solicitation Agent for the Consent Solicitation. The Information Agent is D.F. King & Co., Inc. Any questions or requests for assistance or additional copies of documents, including the Supplement, may be directed to the Information Agent toll free at (800) 431-9633 (banks and brokers call collect at (212) 269-5550).

This news release does not constitute an offering of Notes or any other security of the Company or any solicitation to purchase or sell any securities, or a solicitation of consent with respect to any securities, including, without limitation, the Notes. The Consent Solicitation is being made only by means of the Consent Solicitation Statement dated May 1, 2007, as amended by the Supplement.