Softer-Recoiling Model 1100™ Autoloading Shotguns Available in Two All-Black Tactical Platforms

Madison, N.C. – Remington launched a tactical line of Model 870™ pump action and Model 1100 autoloading shotguns at the 2006 SHOT Show. Based on consumer feedback, these versatile shotguns have been enhanced and now feature an all-black tactical look and feel. Ideal for competitive shooting or for home defense, these highly functional guns feature shorter barrel lengths with single bead sight, specialized stock designs and magazine tube extensions. Two enhanced versions of the softer-recoiling, 12 gauge Model 1100 will be offered in 2007 – the Model 1100 Tac-2 SPEEDFEED IV® Stock with 18-inch barrel and 7-shot total shell capacity and the Model 1100 Tac-4 Standard Stock with versatile 22-inch Rem™ Choke barrel and 9-shot total shell capacity. Both guns are chambered for 2 3/4-inch shells only.

The Model 1100 Tac-2 SPEEDFEED IV Stock version has an 18-inch barrel with 2-shot magazine tube extension. Equipped with the sturdy SPEEDFEED IV pistol grip-style stock and revolutionary R3® Recoil Pad, this Model 1100 can be easily controlled with one hand and recoil is lessened even when shooting hard-hitting slug loads. Both the stock and fore-end are solidly constructed of durable synthetic materials and finished in a non-glare matte black. The standard profile, carbon steel hammer-forged barrel has a single bead sight and fixed Improved Cylinder choke. Shotshell magazine capacity of six is achieved with the 2-shot magazine extension tube and with the addition of an extended carrier release and oversized operating handle reloading is quick and easy. The solid steel receiver is drilled and tapped for Weaver rail and wears the “1100 Tactical” rollmark. All exposed metalwork features a blasted black oxide finish. Rear swivel stud and front extension bracket swivel stud complete this offering. Suggested retail price: $839

The Model 1100 Tac-4 Standard Stock version is offered in a 22-inch barrel length with 4-shot magazine tube extension. This autoloader is ideal for the competitive shooter who requires an eight shell capacity (+ one in the chamber). Sporting a traditional Model 1100 black synthetic stock with R3 Recoil Pad and standard fore-end, this 12-gauge is designed for versatility, easy-handling and quick response. The oversized operating handle and extended carrier release provide for rapid and easy reloading. The 22-inch vent rib Rem Choke, standard contour barrel comes with front bead sight and is equipped with Full, Modified and Improved Cylinder chokes for maximizing shotshell performance. This Model 1100 receiver wears the Tactical rollmark and is drilled and tapped for Weaver-style rail. Exposed metalwork has a blasted black oxide finish and rear swivel stud and front extension bracket swivel stud provide for easy attachment of a sling. Suggested retail price: $905

Law enforcement agencies look to Remington for their tactical needs, shouldn’t you? Please visit our web site at for complete specifications on the Remington Tactical line of pump action and autoloading shotguns.

Offerings for 2007 are as follows:
Remington 1100 Tactical
 Model 1100 Tactical-2 Speedfeed IV 1100 Tac-4
 Gauge 12 (2 3/4 inch) 12 (2 3/4 inch)
 Mag Capacity 6
 BBL Length 18 inches 22 inches
 Barrel Type Standard Contour Fixed Improved Cylinder Standard Contour Vent Rib Rem Choke


Single Bead Single Bead
 Metal Finish Blasted Black Oxide Blasted Black Oxide
 Overall Length 38 1/2 inches 42 1/2 inches
 Length of Pull 14 inches 14 inches
 Drop (Comb) 1 1/2 inches 1 1/2 inches
 Drop (Heell) 2 1/2 inches 2 1/2 inches
 Stock Material Synthetic Synthetic
 Stock Finish Black Matte Black Matte
 Average Weight 7 1/2 lbs. 7 3/4 lbs.