Remington Wingmaster HD™ - The Ultimate Turkey Load

Madison, N.C. – Turkey hunting is all about calling them in close for one well-placed shot. Unfortunately, long beards don’t always play by the rules. You know you’re dealing with a mature gobbler when he suddenly hangs up just out of range for no apparent reason, refusing to take another step. This old warrior has played the game before and he needs to be totally convinced before committing to your setup. This spring, it’s time to teach that old bird a thing or two about shotshell evolution. From the folks that brought you Premier® Hevi-Shot™, Remington proudly introduces the next generation of turkey hunting ammunition. New for 2007, Remington has expanded its blockbuster Wingmaster HD category to include the most lethal Turkey-specific loads available to hunters.

We began the development process by utilizing our exclusive Wingmaster HD pellet technology. The aerodynamically superior golden pellets are smooth and round, unlike the competition. Comprised of tungsten, bronze and iron, Wingmaster HD pellets are specifically engineered with a density of 12 grams/cc, 10% denser than lead. After extensive testing, both in the field and the laboratory, Remington found that 12 grams/cc provides the optimal downrange performance without sacrificing vital pellet count.

Wingmaster HD loads also feature a precise balance of payload and velocity that provide turkey hunters with a shotshell that generates nearly 200 ft.-lbs. more energy at 40 yards than competitive tungsten based shot. This results in deeper penetrating pellets with bone crushing force that will extend your effective shooting range.

This spring, when that old gobbler glares at you from forty five yards, things will be different. You’ve done your preseason homework on the pattern board and you’re loaded with a better product. Go ahead and make the shot with “Drop-Dead Better” Performance.

In an effort to help you determine the perfect shot size for your gun, Remington is offering Wingmaster HD turkey loads in convenient and economical 5-pack boxes.

Offerings for 2007 are as follows:
Remington®  Wingmaster HD™  Turkey Load
  Gauge  Shell Length  Velocity  Oz. Shot  Shot Size 
NEW  12 ga.  3 1/2"  1225 fps  1 7/8 oz.  4,6 
NEW  12 ga.  3"  1225 fps  1 5/8 oz.  4,6 
NEW  20 ga.  3"  1185 fps  1 1/4 oz.  4,6