Remington Welcomes the Most Innovative, Most Exciting, Shotgun Ever to its Family of Autoloaders – the Model 105CTi™

Madison, N.C. – Highly anticipated, Remington is pleased to announce the most exciting addition to its respected, 100-year lineage of reliable autoloading shotguns – the 12-gauge, 3-inch magnum Remington® Model 105CTi shotgun. This technologically-advanced, gas-operating autoloader combines great looks, smooth handling and reliable operation in our lightest weight (7 lbs.) and softest recoiling, autoloading platform ever. Just what you have come to expect from Remington – innovation, performance and dependability.

The Model 105CTi autoloading shotgun has many patent-pending and unique design features beginning with the core of the Model 105 – its skeletonized 12-gauge receiver, fully capable of handling 3-inch magnum or light 2 3/4-inch loads interchangeably. Constructed of aircraft-grade Titanium with a carbon-fiber shell, the receiver provides unparalleled strength in a slim, compact design which reduces the overall weight of the gun. The ambidextrous “Double Down” bottom feed and ejection system provides for quick, smooth reloading and no distractions from shell ejection. The TurboFeed™ loading system allows for the first shell to be loaded directly from the magazine into the chamber; provides rapid loading; faster follow-up shots; and equally as fast unloading.

The Model 105CTi autoloader reduces the shock of felt recoil through an innovative, four part process with up to a 50% reduction in recoil. The Rate Reduction System, located in the stock, provides for consistent and reliable feed, regulation of bolt velocity and reduction of felt recoil through its patented oil-filled cylinder. Addition of a newly designed, convex R3® Recoil Pad further reduces recoil and provides for ease of mounting the Model 105CTi on the range or in the field over bulky outer clothing. A simple and efficiently-designed gas operating system features a one-piece, inertia sleeve and gas seal. In addition to reducing recoil, this design reduces maintenance of the Model 105CTi by requiring less cleaning with fewer parts. Further reduction of recoil is achieved through the overbored barrel (.735 inch diameter) with lengthened forcing cones. Overboring also
reduces pellet deformity and increases pattern performance.

Durability and performance features on the Model 105CTi have not been overlooked. The hammer-forged, carbon steel barrels come with twin bead sights and are available in 28 and 26-inch lengths. Unique to the Model 105 is a stylized vent rib crafted of carbon and aramid fibers, which further reduces weight and provides increased strength and protection against damage. The overbored barrels are equipped with the high-performance ProBore™ Choke Tubes to optimize patterns and each Model 105 comes with Improved Cylinder, Modified and Full flush choke tubes. Our patented, multilayer TriNyte™ coating protects the receiver from scratches and corrosion and adds to the gun’s durability. The unique rotating bolt lock-up reduces friction and increases the smooth and efficient operation of this autoloader. A critical feature of any high performance shotgun is the trigger and the Model 105CTi features a new patent pending trigger designed for crisp, consistent trigger pulls (set at 3 1/2 to 4 pounds from the factory) and has a traditional cross- bolt safety, which is reversible for left-handed shooters.

The Model 105 CTi design does not stop with reliability and performance, this autoloader has great looks, too. The satin finish on the barrel and modern, aesthetic appearance of the receiver compliment the American walnut stock. Custom laser cut checkering, satin finish and commemorative grip cap, recognizing Remington’s “100 Years of Autoloading Shotguns” manufacturing, complete this handsome stock. The eye-catching Model 105 CTi logo is featured on the fore-end and receiver side. Ready to take afield or to the range, the Model 105 comes complete with a rugged, lockable hard case.

Only Remington is capable of delivering such an innovative autoloading shotgun to the marketplace. See your local dealer today to be one of the first to own the lightest weight and softest recoiling autoloader in the Remington family of products. The Model 105 CTi is available at a suggested retail price of $1332.

Offerings for 2006 are as follows: 
Remington Model 105CTi™ 
Gauge  12 (2 3/4 and 3-inch) 
Mag. Capacity 4
BBL Length  28" inches, 26 inches 
Barrel Type  Vent Rib ProBore Chokes (IC, Mod & Full) 
Sights  Twin Bead 
Metal Finish  TriNyte Black 
Overall Length  48 1/4 inches, 46 1/4 inches 
Length of Pull  14 1/4 inches 
Drop (Comb)  1 1/2 inches 
Drop (Heel)  2 1/2 inches 
Stock Material  American Walnut 
Stock Finish  Satin 
Average Weight  7 lbs., 6 7/8 lbs.