Remington Model 870™ Tactical Shotguns Now Available with Three Versatile Stock Designs and All-Black Platform

Madison, N.C. – Remington is pleased to announce enhanced offerings of its Model 870 line of 12-gauge tactical shotguns for 2007. These versatile pump action shotguns, based on our law enforcement line, feature compact barrels with cylinder bores and front bead sight and highly functional stock designs with magazine tube extensions. Four durable, well-designed models will be offered – Model 870 Tac-2 Knoxx SpecOps™ Stock with 18-inch barrel; Model 870 Tac-3 SPEEDFEED® IV Stock with 20-inch barrel; Model 870 Tac-2 Knoxx SpecOps Folder Stock with 18-barrel; and Model 870 Tac-3 Knoxx SpecOps Folder Stock with 20-inch barrel. Tac-2 versions feature a two-shot magazine extension and Tac-3 models have a three-shot magazine extension for maximum firepower.

Based on the time-proven and extremely reliable Model 870 pump action platform, these extremely utilitarian shotguns feature standard profile, carbon steel hammer-forged barrels with single front bead sight and fixed cylinder choke; durable black synthetic tactical-style fore-ends with front extension bracket swivel stud and rear swivel stud; amazing, recoil-taming R3® Recoil Pad (excluding folding stock versions); blasted black oxide finish on exposed metalwork; and are chambered for 2 3/4 and 3-inch shells. The sturdily constructed receiver, featuring the “870 Tactical” rollmark and milled from solid steel, is drilled and tapped for the easy attachment of optics with Weaver-style rail. Stocks and fore-ends feature a non-glare, matte black finish completing the all-black package.

The Model 870 tactical shotguns equipped with the SpecOps or SpecOps Folder stocks feature the unique Knoxx Industries recoil-compensating system contained within the pistol grip. This patented mechanism reduces muzzle jump as well as taming recoil for consistent shot placement, rapid follow-up shots and less shooter fatigue. 

The Model 870 Tac-2 SpecOps Stock version has an 18-inch barrel with 2-shot extension. Setting this tactical 870 apart is the adjustable and recoil compensating Knoxx SpecOps pistol grip stock. With an easily adjustable LOP (length of pull) feature, this pump action can almost instantaneously be fit to any shooter or adjusted to accommodate additional layers of clothing with a LOP from 12 to 16 inches. Suggested retail price: $665

The Model 870 Tac-3 SPEEDFEED IV Stock version has a 20-inch barrel length with 3-shot extension. This fast-handling, pump action features the highly regarded SPEEDFEED IV pistol grip stock for true one-hand control and added comfort when shooting magnum shells or slugs. Suggested retail price: $572.

 The Model 870 Tac-2 Knoxx SpecOps Folder Stock version has an 18-inch barrel with 2-shot extension and the Model 870 Tac-3 Knoxx SpecOps Folder Stock version has a 20-inch barrel with 3-shot extension. Both feature the latest in stock technology from Knoxx Industries with its patented recoil-reducing mechanism and sleek, versatile folding pistol grip stock design. The overmolded, soft-rubber wire frame stock can easily be folded over the top of the receiver for compact storage or ease of maneuverability. Extending the stock creates a stable platform for increased accuracy. A simple squeeze of the wire frame releases the lock and allows the stock to be folded open or closed. Suggested retail price: $665

This well-designed, multi-purpose line of Model 870 Tactical Shotguns offers a version that’s right for your specific needs - whether for competitive shooting, personal defense or protection of property. For complete specifications on the Model 870 Tactical Line and the extensive family of Model 870 pump action shotguns, please visit our web site at

Offerings for 2007 are as follows: 
Remington Model 870 Tactical 
Model  870 Tac-2 SpecOps  870 Tac-3 SPEEDFEED IV  870 Tac-2 Folder  870 Tac-3 Folder 
Gauge  12 (3-inch)  12 (3-inch)  12 (3-inch)  12 (3-inch) 
Mag. Capacity  6
BBL Length  18 inches  20 inches  18 inches  20 inches 
Barrel Type  Standard Contour Fixed Cylinder  Standard Contour Fixed Cylinder  Standard Contour Fixed Cylinder  Standard Contour Fixed Cylinder 
Sights  Single Bead  Single Bead  Single Bead  Single Bead 
Metal Finish  Blasted Black Oxide  Blasted Black Oxide  Blasted Black Oxide  Blasted Black Oxide 
Overall Length  Adjustable  38 1/2 inches  Adjustable  Adjustable 
Length of Pull  Adjustable  14 inches  Adjustable  Adjustable 
Drop (Comb)  1 1/2 inches  1 1/2 inches  N/A  N/A 
Drop (Heel)  2 1/2 inches  2 1/2 inches  N/A  N/A 
Stock Material  Synthetic  Synthetic  Synthetic  Synthetic 
Stock Finish  Black Matte  Black Matte  Black Matte  Black Matte 
Average Weight  7 lbs.  7 1/2 lbs.  6 7/8 lbs.  7 lbs.