Remington Expands Successful Line of Innovative Genesis™ Muzzleloaders with Special Buckmasters® Edition and New Camo Offering

Madison, N.C. – Muzzleloading performance, reliability and accuracy were elevated to new levels with Remington’s introduction of the revolutionary Genesis Muzzleloader in 2006. With its innovative TorchCam™ action, super-hot 209 ignition and easy-to-use, easy-to-clean design, the Genesis family of .50 caliber rifles is like nothing in the blackpowder marketplace today. Joining the highly successful first-year offerings are the new Genesis ML Camo and the Genesis ML SF Buckmasters Edition. Also new for 2007 is an anti-friction Xylan® coating on the TorchCam action on all Genesis muzzleloaders. This high performance coating promotes smooth, effortless operation of the TorchCam as well as reducing fouling and making it easier to clean.

 At the core of the Genesis ML is the patented TorchCam action and reliable 209 primer ignition. The camming breech block action provides easy access to the breech plug for quick placement and removal of the 209 primer without the assistance of a tool. The TorchCam design also protects the ignition system from inclement weather and isolates the trigger group from blowback and fouling. Removable 7/16-inch hex head breech plug (wrench included) and firing pin provide added reliability and ease of cleaning or replacement. Maximum efficiency and greater velocities can be obtained with the longer 28-inch barrel, optimized with one-in-28 inch twist rate, and the capability to use up to 150 grains of black powder or black powder equivalent. The compact design of the TorchCam action minimizes overall length and weight for easy-handling. For added versatility, the Genesis ML is drilled and tapped for scope mounts and features Williams® Fiber Optic Adjustable Sights. An ambidextrous hammer spur can be installed, if using a scope, for easier access. The dual safety system incorporates a traditional cross bolt safety at the rear of the trigger guard and the over-travel hammer prevents contact with the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled. Addition of front and rear swivel studs and handy aluminum anodized ramrod with jag completes the basic Genesis package.

Maintenance of black powder rifles is the essential key to their reliability. The unique design of the Genesis ML allows for easy breakdown and cleaning of the entire rifle with the removal of only four hex screws; one to remove the fore-end, two to remove the barrel and one to remove the trigger assembly. The easily-removable breech plug also aids in the cleaning process, allowing the rifle to be stripped and cleaned in the field, if necessary.

Genesis ML Camo – This versatile configuration combines low-glare blued barrel with camouflaged stock and fore-end for optimal concealment. Wearing the redesigned, widely-successful Mossy Oak Break-Up® pattern, this Genesis Camo version is a highly functional, yet affordable choice. Suggested retail: $349

Genesis ML SF Buckmasters Edition – Deer hunters take note, this stainless fluted, camo version just may be the ultimate deer hunting rifle. The durable stainless steel barrel enhances weather resistance, while its satin finish reduces glare. Addition of flutes aids in heat dissipation and weight reduction. Concealment is further enhanced with the realistic, high definition Realtree Hardwoods® HD™ camo-covered stock and fore-end. Completing this special edition offering is the Buckmasters logo laser engraved on the left receiver panel. Suggested retail: $419

Additional Genesis Offerings Include:
Genesis ML Blued – This standard blued version has a carbon steel, matte-finished barrel set in a durable black matte synthetic stock. Suggested retail: $293

Genesis ML Full Camo – For maximum concealment, this carbon steel version is fully camouflaged with versatile Mossy Oak Break-Up. Suggested retail: $405

Genesis MLS Overmold – This stainless steel model features a black synthetic stock with overmolded grips on the stock and fore-end for more secure handling. Suggested retail: $363

Genesis ML SF TH – This thumbhole-style, black synthetic stock version provides for added stability and precision shot placement. The stainless steel barrel features flutes for added heat dissipation and weight reduction. Suggested retail: $405

Genesis ML SF TH Camo – As above with fully camouflaged, thumbhole-style stock and fore-end in Mossy Oak Break-Up. Suggested retail: $461

Genesis ML SF TH Laminate – Sturdy black laminate thumbhole-style stock and fore-end with stainless fluted barrel. Suggested retail: $594

Hunnters and shooters worldwide have looked to Remington for nearly 200 years to bring the most reliable and innovative firearms and ammunition products to the marketplace. Remington delivers once again with the revolutionary Genesis muzzleloader.