Remington Enhanches the Renowned Model 700™ "Out-of-the-Box" Accuracy with New X-MARK PRO™ Trigger

Madison, NC – Since its introduction in 1962, the Remington Model 700 bolt-action centerfire rifle has garnered its legendary reputation as the strongest and most accurate factory-built rifle by setting the standard for others to imitate and being the platform of choice for many custom gunmakers. Its unmatched “out-of-the-box” accuracy has just gotten better – introducing the Remington X-MARK PRO Trigger. This state-of-the-art fire control breaks like glass, has virtually no creep and has up to 40% lower factory-set trigger pull weights. This just may be the finest trigger that you have ever squeezed!

With technological advances in manufacturing processes and extremely tight production tolerances, the key components of the X-MARK PRO feature mirror-like surface finishes for crisper trigger pull. Electroless nickel plating enhances corrosion resistance and further improves surface finish. The result is an ultra-crisp feel with no creep. The X-MARK PRO operates like the current Remington fire control and features a safety that blocks the sear and trigger. The advanced design allows for lower trigger pull settings direct from the factory, up to 40% less right out-of-the-box. The X-MARK PRO trigger is 100% adjustable for pull weight by a factory authorized repair center and is designed to accommodate all products in the Model 700 and Model Seven™ families.

The best just keeps getting better – the highly accurate Model 700 now with the finest production trigger ever, welcome the Remington X-MARK PRO Trigger!