Premier AccuTip MZ packaging

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Premier® Accutip MZ

New Product Line: 50 Cal 280 GR Sabot

These bonded, sabot muzzleloader bullets hit hard and load easy. Using the patented PowerPort Tip, the deliver a high ballistic coefficient, accuracy, and flat trajectories.

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PREMIER CuT packaging



This monalithic copper alloy bullet delivers accuracy and terminal performance. Its precision tip gives it a high BC and flat trajectories with instant expansion and energy transfer on impact. Its tough copper alloy bullet tauts 95 percent weight retention and features optimized grooves to maximize aerodynamic performance. Available in 9 popular big game hunting cartridges from 6.5 Creedmoor to 300 PRC.

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Core-Lokt Tipped packaging

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Core-Lokt® Tipped

Five New Additions

Core-Lokt Tipped combines truer flight, flatter trajectory and devastating terminal energy. Big Green's polymer tip improves long-range ballistics, in-flight accuracy, and initiates rapid expansion. It's proven Core-Lokt jacket is tuned for optimal performance. Coming soon, Core-Lokt Tipped will be available in new cartridges including 360 Buckhammer 180-grain, 7mm-08 140-grain, 6.5 PRC 140-grain, 7mm PRC 175-grain, and 300 PRC 210-grain.

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Core-Lokt Copper packaging

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Core-Lokt Copper

New Addition: 360 Buckhammer 160 GR

The performance you've come to know and expect from Core-Lokt is now available with an all-copper bullet. The lead-free projectile is made from high-strength copper like classic Core-Lokt's proven jacket. The precision hollow point delivers consistent, deadly expansion and performance on-game, across a wild range velocities.

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UMC Leadless packaging

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UMC Leadless

New Additions: 9mm & 223 Rem

Re-engineered and retooled, UMC Leadless features a generation of specially improved, non-lead bullets ready for any shooting range. Catalyst clean priming technology eliminates lead exposure at the firing line, while copper jacketed compressed core projectiles redure splash back from steel targets near our far.

Core-Lokt Handgun packaging

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Core-Lokt Handgun

New Product Line: Four Loads

Classic Core-Lokt projectiles deliver superior two-times expansion, high weight retention and deep penetration with a unique hollow-point design. Premier nickel-plated cases deliver smooth, reliable, flawless function in any type of hunting handgun or revolver. Available in 357 Magnum, 41 Magnum, 44 Magnum and 10mm Auto.

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HTP packaging

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High Terminal Performance

New Addition: 32 H&R Magnum

These powerful loads are manufactured using first-quality brass cases, high-grade propellants and Kleanbore priming. HTP bullet styles are engineered for high weight retention and double diamter expansion.

Performance Wheelgun packaging

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Performance Wheelgun

New addition: 32 H&R Magnum

These popular loads are engineered for revolvers and lever-action rifles. They're made with high-quality components and Remington's Kleanbore priming that will not rust or corroade barrels. Available in traditional revolver and lever-gun rifle bullet styles for competitive and target shooting applications.

22 Golden Hunter packaging

22 Golden Hunter

New Product Line: 22 LR 40 GR HP

Golden Hunter 22 LR reliabily expands on target. The 40-grain hollow-point projectile penetrates to optimal depths while performaing in any barrel length at common hunting distances, making it ideal for rifle and pistols.

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Ranch Hand packaging

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Ranch Hand 22 LR

New Product Line: Two Loads

Ranch Hand's copper-plated projectiles are available in a 38-grain hollow point or 40-grain round nose. Remington's improved rimfire manufacturing and priming technology ensure consistent high quality, consistency, accuracy and on-target performance with reliable ignition and longer life for gun barrels.

Nitro Steel Duplex packaging

Nitro Steel Duplex

New Product Line: Four Loads

Loaded with two different sizes of steel shot for ultimate perforamnce at all ranges, these blended, high velocity magnum steel payloads deliver dense patterns. The smaller shot size is ideal for close up, while the larget shot maintains more energy at longer ranges. The 12-gauge, dual shot options available are 2x4, 2x6, BBx2, and BBx4.

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Nitro Pigeon packaging

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Nitro Pigeon

New Product Line: 12-GA No. 7.5

The loads are specifically engeneered to accurately take down fast-rising doves and pigeons. They feature Remington's highest quality magnum-grade copper-plated hard-lead shot, a special propellant blend for consistent high velocity, and Remington's Premier Unibody hull.

Low Decibel packaging

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Low Decibel

New Product Line: .410

With a muzzle velocity of only 55o fps, recoil and noise are greatly reduced without sacrificing dense, clay-busting patterns downrange. Low Decibel loads are precisely charged using uniform shot with optimal hardness and are very pleasant to shoot.

Premier Nitro Sporting Clays packaging

Premier Nitro Sporting Clays

New addition: 12-GA No. 7.5

These target loads have become a fixture on the nation's trap, skeet, and sporting clays ranges. Their unique gold hull has earned a reputation as one of the most reloader-friendly on the market. The new offering is a 12-gauge, 1-ounce, No. 7.5, 1,290 fps load.

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Remington bags, pouch, and gun case

Bags, Pouches & Cases

Premier, First in the Field, and Gun Club

Designed by hunters and shooters for the range, field and blind, Remington's new accessaries include a full line of gun cases, shell pouches and range bages. Built for convenience, protection and accessibility, there are several styles available in each product category to fulfill various needs and price points.

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Bullet Knife

Bullet Knife

Limited Edition Waterfowler

Celebrate the annual tradition of Remington's iconic Bullet Knife. This American made, collectible pocketknife features a 1095 Carbon Steel Clip point, long Spey partially serrated blades, a birding gut hook, and the famous nickel silver Bullet Shield, inlayed in a genuine jigged bone handle.

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