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Coming 2024 – Remington’s New Ammo & Accessories

01.30.2024 | By Remington Contributor

Besides your hotel’s rooftop pool bar during a heat wave, SHOT Show is the hottest spot in Las Vegas – at least for gun nuts and ammo nerds.

At the hunting and shooting industry’s biggest annual trade show, Remington announced several new bullets, cartridge offerings, accessories and more. Centerfire, rimfire, shotshell, or muzzleloader, Big Green’s got the goods.

If you missed SHOT, read on for a breakdown of Remington’s new products.

Core-Lokt Copper, Core-Lokt, Core-Lokt Tipped packaging on a table with a deer skull

Centerfire Rifle

Premier CuT

This new line of centerfire big game rifle hunting ammo features a cutting-edge monolithic copper alloy bullet with high accuracy, a high BC and high terminal performance across all hunting ranges. Loaded in a full assortment of popular big game centerfire cartridges, you can hunt lead-free with Premier CuT in old favorite cartridges like 7mm Rem. Mag. or hunt with the hottest new cartridges in CuT like 7mm PRC.

360 Buckhammer

360 BHMR’s taken the whitetail woods by storm. This Straight Up Better straight wall cartridge is available for the ‘24 hunting season in more new firearms and ammo offerings than ever before. Newly available in Core-Lokt Tipped and Core-Lokt Copper, 360 Buckhammer brings more velocity and energy than 350 Legend or 30-30.

Core-Lokt Copper 260 Buckhammer packaging

Core-Lokt Tipped

Hunter-approved, the modern Deadliest Mushroom in the Woods is soon to be available in even more cartridge options. Core-Lokt Tipped will have new offerings this fall including 7mm-08 Remington, 6.5 PRC, 7 PRC, 300 PRC and 360 Buckhammer

Core-Lokt Tipped packaging


22 Golden Hunter

Remington’s new 22 Golden Hunter is a purpose-built 22LR cartridge ready to take on small game. Plated 40GR hollow points expand reliably, transferring energy on target quickly with penetration to optimal depths. Available in 100-round or 550-round cartons.

22 Golden Hunter packaging

Ranch Hand

Ranch Hand is Remington’s most reliable 22 round ever. Engineered to flawlessly feed, function and fire in any rimfire firearm with any length barrel, say goodbye to finnicky rimfire loads and hello to a dependable, Premier-quality rimfire round. Available in a 40GR round nose or 38GR hollow point. Yeehaw y’all.

Range Hand packaging


Low Decibel

Break clays with less recoil and noise. Low Decibel is your 410 Bore go-to for shooting subsonic shotshells. With a muzzle velocity of only 650 FPS, your recoil is reduced without sacrificing dense patterns downrange. Available in 410 Bore, 2 1/2”, 1/2oz, 9 shot.

Low Decibel packaging

Nitro Pigeon

Remington’s new pigeon load is engineered to accurately take down fast-rising doves and upland game. Premier quality ready for the field or competition, Nitro Pigeon ensures fewer birds are lost with more in your bag. Available in 12GA, 2 ¾” 1 1/4oz, 7 ½ shot 1230 FPS.

Nitro Pideon packaging with rendering

Centerfire Handgun

Core-Lokt Handgun

Handgun hunters, rejoice. The Deadliest Mushroom in the Woods is now available with newly designed bullets engineered for four handgun-caliber cartridges. Giving you the same Core-Lokt impact on deer you know and love, Core-Lokt Handgun ammo is fine tuned for pistol length barrels. Available in 41 Rem Mag, 44 Rem Mag, 357 Mag and 10MM Auto.

UMC Leadless

Lead-free range performance is here. If your range day necessitates non-traditional ammo (hello, California), Remington’s new line of lead-free UMC FMJ ammo means you can shoot your 9MM Luger or 223 Rem pistol, PCC or rifle with confidence.

UMC Leadless packaging


Premier AccuTip MZ

Remington’s new muzzleloader bullet is our best yet. This bonded high strength projectile uses the patented AccuTip – giving you high BCs, flat trajectories, and ultimate performance on big game at the furthest reaches of your muzzleloader’s range. Available in 50 Caliber, with an EZ load sabot, 260GR.

Remington Accessories

Gun Cases & Range Bags

Designed by hunters and shooters for hunters and shooters, Remington’s launching a whole new line of range gear. Remington’s shell pouches, rifle cases, shotgun cases and sleeves, and range bags are available for any budget in a variety of styles.

2024 Bullet Knife The Waterfowler

Remington’s iconic line of American-made cutlery lives on via the limited edition Waterfowler. An annual tradition, get your collectible and hand-made pocketknife before they sell out.

Remington ammunition packaging with a bullet knife in front