The straight-wall cartridge that flattens them all. A knock-down, drag-out lever gun leader in straight-wall cartridge performance, 360 BHMR delivers flat trajectories and more bone-busting energy and velocity out to 200 yards than the rest.

Core-Lokt 360 Buckhammer box with cartridge

Straight Up Better.

Optimized for Lever Action Rifle
Accurate at 200+ yards
Ultimate Straight Wall Cartridge

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Opened Core-Lokt box sitting amoungst a deer skull with New Cartridge downward green arrow and straight all badge
diagonal rendering of the Core-Lokt 360 Buckhammer bullet with green hexagon numbers
green hexagon number 1

Core-Lokt Performance
High-weight retention, controlled expansion .358 diameter Core-Lokt bullet

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Accurate at 200+ yards
Velocity, energy and drop ideal across common hunting ranges

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Remington Components
Reliable Remington brass propellant & carefully loaded primers

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Ultimate Straight Wall Cartridge
360 BHMR optimized for lever action rifles. Easy to shoot with low recoil

Vertical Rendering of the Core-Lokt 360 Buckhammer
upsets of the Core-Lokt bullet at 200 yards, 100 yards, and 50 yards

The Proof Is In The GeL Blocks

Watch the videos below for 50 and 100 yard impact shots using 360 BHMR 180gr.


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360 Buckhammer firearms are available in lever-action rifles, break-open action rifles and even big-bore revolvers. Your deer season is about to be even deadlier with new 360 Buckhammer guns coming this fall.

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H9 Henry Lever Steel

H9 Henry Lever Steel

Henry Side Gate Lever Action

Henry Side Gate Lever Action

H15S Henry Single Shot Steel

H15S Henry Single Shot Steel

H9 Henry Lever X

H9 Henry Lever X

Traditions Outfitter G3 Rifle CR36113OT

Traditions Outfitter G3 Rifle CR36113OT

Magnum Research BFR 360 BHMR

Magnum Research BFR 360 BHMR

The Straight Wall Cartridge That Flattens Them All.

graph showing the muzzle velocity, drop and energy from 360 buckhammer, 30-30 win, 350 legend, and 450 bushmaster

360 Buckhammer Ammo Options


Core-Lokt 360 Buckhammer box

The Deadliest Mushroom meets the Deadliest Straight Wall. 360 Buckhammer ammo is available in classic Core-Lokt controlled expansion soft point offerings. 180 grain or 200 grain.

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Core-Lokt Copper

Core-Lokt Copper 360 Buckhammer box

All-Copper Core-Lokt for when you choose a monolithic copper bullet. Dependable expansion and non-lead legal. 160-grain.

Coming Soon

Core-Lokt Tipped

Core-Lokt Tipped 360 Buckhammer box

The Deadliest Mushroom, Now Even Deadlier. Hunter-approved and lever-action tube mag safe Core-Lokt Tipped is coming 2024 for your deer season. 180-grain.

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360 Buckhammer FAQs

360 Buckhammer is straight up better than other straight wall cartridges. The ultimate deer hunting straight wall cartridge, 360 BHMR is accurate and deadly out to 200 yards and optimized for lever action rifles. Easy to shoot with energy, velocity and drop similar to 30-30 Win, 360 Buckhammer is the best hunting cartridge when you want to use a lever action rifle.

360 Buckhammer ammunition and rifles are available now. Buy ammunition from or at your local dealer. To purchase a 360 BHMR firearm, visit Henry, Traditions, Magnum Research.

Yes, Remington’s recently announced Core-Lokt Copper and Core-Lokt Tipped 360 BHMR options in addition to two classic Core-Lokt loads. Federal Ammunition offers 360 Buckhammer PowerShok loads in 180gr and 200gr and is launching a 360 Buckhammer HammerDown ammo in 2024.

Henry Rifles, Traditions, and Magnum Research all offer firearms chambered in 360 Buckhammer for sale, including lever-action rifles, break-open action rifles and big-bore revolvers. Expect more 360 Buckhammer firearms from more manufacturers to be announced soon.

Henry Rifles offers multiple models chambered in 360 BHMR including brass side gate lever actions, color case hardened side gate lever actions, steel side gate lever actions, and a single shot rifle. Additional models coming soon like a 360 BHMR Lever Action Model X. Traditions firearms is now offering a break-option action rifle chambered in 360 Buckhammer in their Outfitter G3 line. Expect more 360 Buckhammer rifles from more manufacturers to be announced soon.

Buy 360 BHMR ammo direct from or at your local ammo dealer. Remington offers two 360 Buckhammer loads in trusted Core-Lokt. Options include a 180gr soft point, a 200-grain soft point, a 180gr. Core-Lokt Tipped offering or a 160-grain Core-Lokt Copper option. Federal Ammunition offers 360 Buckhammer Power-Shok and 360 Buckhammer HammerDown.

360 BHMR uses proven 180 grain and 200 grain Core-Lokt bullets. These bullets, similar to projectiles used for decades in calibers like 35 Remington, successfully harvest big game by retaining energy close to 1,000 ft-lbs out to 200 yards.

360 BHMR loads have been tested and proven deadly on whitetail deer, feral hogs, black bear, and similarly sized exotic game like African Impala and Bushpig.

360 BHMR is straight up better than other straight wall cartridges.

350 Legend: 360 BHMR is 300 FPS faster out of the muzzle, retaining significantly more velocity and energy out to 200 yards with less drop. A rimmed cartridge, 360 BHMR can be fed through lever action tube magazines, whereas the 350 Legend cannot. A 350 Legend’s recoil is only slightly lighter than 360 Buckhammer’s.

450 Bushmaster: 360 BHMR uses lighter 180gr and 200gr bullets ideal for deer-sized game. 360 is faster with less drop than 450 Bushmaster, with much less recoil. The heaviest 360 BHMR bullets retain only 30-ft lbs of energy less than the 450 Bushmaster at 200 yards.

30-30 Winchester is the closest comparison but 360 Buckhammer is better in terms of muzzle velocity, retained energy, drop and recoil.

360 BHMR accuracy depends on the specific ammunition and bullet used. You can expect similar accuracy to other straight walled cartridges.

360 Buckhammer is accurate and terminally effective out to 200 yards or slightly more.

Here’s a graphic to be used for general guidance only. Always check local regulations and contact your state wildlife agency to confirm legal hunting equipment and calibers.

Map were straight-wall hunting is legal

Pricing will be about the same as other Core-Lokt rounds with the same bullet type. Expect similar pricing to 350 Legend. Pricing will be cheaper than other straight wall cartridges like 45-70 Gov. and 450 Bushmaster.

Mild and pleasant to shoot, the 360 Buckhammer shoots like a light load shot from a 30-30 Winchester lever action rifle. Both the 180gr and the 200gr 360 BHMR Core-Lokt loads recoil at roughly 14.1 ft-lbs, less than 30-30 Winchester (16.3 ft-lbs) and much less than 450 Bushmaster (22.2 ft-lbs)

Opened Core-Lokt box showing cartridge sitting on a table