ballistic gell shot with 360 Buckhammer

360 Buckhammer 100 Yard Ballistic Gel Shots


Nito with AP2020 Outdoors takes 360 Buckhammer to the range for a 100 yard ballistic gel test.

shooter reloading a Henry rifle

Henry’s New 360 Buckhammer Steel Lever Action Side Gate In-Depth


There’s a new king of the deer woods, and it’s called .360 Buckhammer. And what better platform to deliver the goods than a Henry?

Review: Remington 360 Buckhammer


This is far from just a Midwestern-only straight-wall cartridge. 360 Buckhammer has the potential to become one of the all-time great deer cartridges.

360 Buckhammer packaging and cartridges

Head to Head: 350 Legend vs. 360 Buckhammer


360 Buckhammer takes on 350 Legend in a straight-wall showdown.

360 Buckhammer packaging and cartridges
360 Buckhammer cartridges sitting on a table

Remington’s New Heavy Hitter: 360 Buckhammer


Big Green’s latest deerslayer proves that hitting hard doesn’t have to hurt.

360 Buckhammer packaing and charts

360 Buckhammer and the Straight Wall Hunting Craze


Remington and Henry joined forces to debut the aptly named 360 Buckhammer, which slots between recent stars 350 Legend and 450 Bushmaster.

360 Buckhammer: Core-Lokt Ammo, Henry Levers & the BFR


Get ready for the next evolution of the suddenly white-hot category of straight-walled cartridges.

Henry Lever Action Rifles

New for 2023: Henry Rifles Chambered in .360 Buckhammer


Henry announces their first rifles chambered in 360 Buckhammer – Henry Steel Lever Action and the Henry Lever Action X Model.

Henry Rifles chambered in 360 Buckhammer

360 Buckhammer Reloading Dies Now Available


Remington Ammunition is proud to announce that RCBS and Redding Reloading Equipment have officially introduced new die sets for 360 Buckhammer.

360 Buckhammer cartridges and packaging sitting on a table

SAAMI Accepts and Standardizes 360 Buckhammer


360 Buckhammer has been accepted by the high standards set by SAAMI.

360 Buckhammer cartridges and upset
360 Buckhammer being removed from the box and tray

SAAMI Announces Acceptance of 360 Buckhammer


The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute accepts 360 Buckhammer as an official new cartridge.

360 Buckhammer Core-Lokt cartridges standing in from of the 360 Buckhammer box

Federal & Remington Ammunition Debut 360 Buckhammer Ammo Loads


Remington Ammunition set out to create one of the best straight-wall cartridges by unveiling the 360 Buckhammer round.

Remington Releases the 360 Buckhammer for Straight-Walled States — SHOT Show 2023


Remington may not build a lever action rifle but they released the 360 Buckhammer, which is a perfect lever gun cartridge.

acrylic stand with 360 buckhammer cartridge, bullet, and upsets

Remington Ammo SHOT Show New Product Lineup 2023


Take a quick look at the new products Remington Ammo announced at SHOT Show 2023.

Premier Bismuth, Golden Saber, and Core-Lokt 360 Buckhammer boxes
360 Buckhammer Core-Lokt cartridges in packaging tray

Remington Unveils 360 Buckhammer, A New Straight Wall Hunting Cartridge


It's no secret that the straight wall hunting rifle cartridge is blowing up. Remington stays ahead of the curve with their introduction to 360 Buckhammer.

360 Buckhammer Core-Lokt booth at SHOT Show 2023

11 New Ammo Options For 2023


360 Buckhammer tops the list for the latest and greatest ammo from SHOT Show 2023.

New Hunting Ammo from Remington: 360 Buckhammer


Remington talks 360 Buckhammer with Game & Fish Magazine.

Joel Hodgdon Adam Heggenstaller standing in front of the Core-Lokt 360 Buckhammer booth at th 2023 SHOT Show

A First Look at the 360 Buckhammer Straight-Wall Cartridge from Remington


Remington's latest hunting cartridge is made for deer hunters in straight-wall-cartridge states.

360 Buckhammer Cartridge and bullet sitting on a table
Core-Lokt 360 Buckhammer cartridge and bullet

The Latest Rifle and Shotgun Ammo From the 2023 SHOT Show


Field & Steam talks 2023 SHOT Show ammo, including 360 Buckhammer.

Core-Lokt 360 Buckhammer cartridges in a line on a table

Best New Ammo from SHOT Show 2023


Outdoor Life’s top picks for the most exciting new cartridges and loads for 2023.

[SHOT 2023] Remington’s New 360 Buckhammer Cartridge


Remington Ammunition has released a new hunting cartridge at SHOT Show 2023 – the 360 Buckhammer (360 BHMR).

Core-Lokt 360 Buckhammer cartridge and bullet

Best Big-Game Hunting Ammo for 2023: SHOT Show


Check out Game & Fish Magazine’s top picks for this year’s best big game hunting ammo.

Core-Lokt 360 Buckhammer being loaded into a rifle
Core-Lokt 360 Buckhammer box and cartridges laying next to a dead deer and knife

New for 2023: Remington 360 Buckhammer Ammunition


What hammer flies accurately out to 200 yards? Remington's lever-action-perfected Buckhammer 360.

360 Buckhammer Core-Lokt box

Remington, Henry Partner for New 360 Buckhammer Deer Round


Remington Ammunition has a new offering for deer hunters going into 2023 with its rimmed 360 Buckhammer round.

Remington Ammo 360 Buckhammer and Premier Long Range | Guns & Gear LIVE


Remington Ammunition leads the way with two exciting launches at SHOT Show 2023.

360 Buckhammer Core-Lokt box with cartridge and bullet in resin display

Launching 2023: Remington & Henry Buckhammer 360


Two iconic manufacturers bring the .30-30 into the 21st century for lever-gun enthusiasts.

Lever Action Rifle sitting on a table with a box of Core-Lokt 360 Buckhammer
360 Buckhammer cartridges on a table

First Look: Remington 360 Buckhammer


New from Remington Ammunition for 2023 is the 360 Buckhammer.

360 Buckhammer display at SHOT Show 2023

Live from SHOT Show 2023


Check out the latest product launches and announcements from Remington Ammunition at the 2023 SHOT Show.



Andy Husek has a first look at Remington’s all-new cartridge, 360 Buckhammer.

Andy Husek holding a rifle next to an ATV

Remington Ammunition’s Groundbreaking 360 Buckhammer Ammo Cartridge


Remington Ammunition has introduced a revolutionary new cartridge, 360 Buckhammer.

Core-Lokt 360 Buckhammer box and cartridges
hunting holding his rifle next to a dead deer

New For 2023: Remington 360 Buckhammer


Big Green is back with an all-new hunting cartridge for 2023.

360 Buckhammer cartridge in a line on a table

Remington’s .360 Buckhammer Tested and Reviewed


A first look at Big Green’s new cartridge that’s challenging the .350 Legend and other straight-wall rounds for the hearts and minds of Midwestern whitetail hunters

What States Can You Hunt with a Straight Wall Cartridge?


Over the last decade, many popular deer hunting states have opened seasons up to hunting with straight wall cartridges.

hunter aiming rifle surrounded by trees

360 Buckhammer


If you’re a deer hunter, you might have heard about Remington’s newest cartridge, 360 Buckhammer.

hunter aiming a lever action rifle
360 Buckhammer being held in a hand

What is the Best Straight Wall Cartridge?


States across the country are now legally allowing a new breed of rifle cartridges into your deer camp. Enter, straight wall ammo.

hunter kneeling down next to a dead deer



A brand-new Remington cartridge ideal for tubular-magazine lever-actions? Sure, why not?

360 Buckhammer Interview with Jon Draper


A 360 Buckhammer interview after an East Ohio hunt with Jon Draper of American Hunter Magazine.

Remington Shotshell being loaded into a shotgun
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