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What is the Best Straight Wall Cartridge?

01.12.2022 | By Remington Contributor

If you’re a deer hunter in states like Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio or Pennsylvania, put down your slug gun.

Your granddaddy’s deer gun has brought home plenty of venison. However, your shotgun slug’s limited range and kick-like-an-angry-mule might have you looking for a better option.

States across the country are now legally allowing a new breed of rifle cartridges into your deer camp. Enter, straight wall ammo.

But what’s the best straight wall round to choose?

What is a Straight Wall Cartridge?

Straight wall cartridges get their name from the shape of the round itself. Compared to bottlenecked or tapered cartridges, like 270 Win. or 223 Remington, straight wall rounds lack the tapered body of many modern rounds.

Straight wall cartridges are highly effective within their optimal ranges. Like slugs or a muzzleloader, straight wall projectiles lose steam at longer distances, making straight walls a safe hunting option.

States that allow hunting with straight walls define what a straight wall cartridge is in different ways. Criteria can include bullet diameter, case dimensions, velocity and more.

Always check your state’s game laws and regs to determine what their definition of a legal hunting cartridge is.

Straight wall 360 Buckhammer vs the classic 270 Win’s body taper or bottleneck
Straight wall 360 Buckhammer vs the classic 270 Win’s body taper or bottleneck

Straight Wall Cartridge Options

Straight wall cartridges include ammunition like:

  • 360 Buckhammer
  • 44 Magnum, 357 Magnum, 45 Long Colt and other handgun cartridges
  • 38-55 Win, 44-40 Win. and other older cartridges like 375 Win.
  • 444 Marlin
  • 45-70 Government
  • Newer straight wall cartridges like 450 Bushmaster and 350 Legend
  • 50 Beowulf

The Best Straight Wall Rifle Hunting Round

So, which straight wall hunting ammo should you pick? As always, cartridge selection depends on your intended use for the rifle.

Many deer hunters want to use a lever-action rifle. Portable, effective, multiple-round capacity and easily accessorized, these classic rifles have been at home in deer camp for a century.

The best lever gun straight wall cartridge for deer hunting? That would be 360 Buckhammer.

  • Unlike other straight wall rounds, 360 Buckhammer is accurate 200 yards+
  • Buckhammer’s .358 diameter bullets ensure hard hits + quick energy transfer
  • 360 Buckhammer feeds and functions perfectly in lever action rifles and single shot rifles
  • 360 Buckhammer has mild recoil - like a light load in a 30-30 Win

That said, 360 Buckhammer isn’t currently available in AR/MSR type rifles or bolt action rifles. If you want to hunt with your AR or a bolt-action rifle, options like 350 Legend Core-Lokt may be best.

For handgun hunting, great straight wall options include 44 Magnum.

Picking the right straight wall hunting round comes down to what kind of firearm you want to take hunting.

360 Buckhammer in a Henry® lever gun.
360 Buckhammer in a Henry® lever gun.