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360 Buckhammer vs 450 Bushmaster

05.29.2023 | By Remington Contributor

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Hunters and shooters from Michigan to Mississippi are asking, what’s the difference between 360 Buckhammer and 450 Bushmaster?

If you’re in the market for a new deer cartridge or rifle this hunting season, read on to get details on these two straight wall ammo stalwarts.

What is 360 Buckhammer?

Legal to hunt with nationwide, 360 Buckhammer is a modern, rimmed, straight wall cartridge optimized for lever action rifles and revolvers. With a 1:12 twist rate and muzzle velocities between 2,200 FPS and 2,400 FPS, 360 Buckhammer is a faster version of the 30-30 Winchester –– accurate and deadly to 200 yards and further.

This new cartridge gives shooters the ability to run brush-busting .358 diameter bullets either supersonic or subsonic. Remington offers 180gr and 200gr Core-Lokt ammo in 360 Buckhammer, with more options coming soon.

Buckhammer’s shootability, accuracy and velocity provide advantages over similar cartridges in its class – like 350 Legend or 30-30 Winchester – without the heavy recoil like 45-70 Gov. or 450 Bushmaster. This has made BHMR a popular choice among deer hunters.

For a deeper dive on 360 Buckhammer, including full ballistics and frequently asked questions, click here.

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What is 450 Bushmaster?

Designed in 2007, 450 Bushmaster is a straight wall cartridge with a rebated rim that is usually chambered in semi-automatic AR-10/MSR rifles or bolt action rifles, as well as some big-bore handguns.

Available in a variety of barrel twist rates to stabilize .452 diameter 185 to 300 grain bullets, Bushmaster loads have a muzzle velocity of about 1,900 FPS – 2,200 FPS depending on your platform, propellant, and choice of bullet.

450 Bushmaster has proven popular with whitetail deer hunters, hog hunters, and anyone wanting to launch a big bullet inside of 200 yards or so from an AR rifle platform, especially when shooting subsonic or suppressed.

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Buckhammer vs Bushmaster Differences

While both 360 Buckhammer and 450 Bushmaster have excellent performance on game and are popular for hunting in so-called straight-wall states across the country, there are notable velocity, recoil, and terminal ballistic differences between the two cartridges.

For a full 360 Buckhammer vs 450 Bushmaster cartridge comparison, see the chart below.

450 Bushmaster 360 Buckhammer
Year Developed 2007 2022
Parent Case 284 Winchester 30-30 Winchester
Case Type Rimmed, straight wall Rebated rim, straight wall
Case Length 1.7” 1.8”
Cartridge Overall Length 2.000 – 2.260” 2.380 – 2.500”
Platform/Action-Types AR/MSR, bolt action, single shot Lever action, revolver, bolt action, single shot
SAAMI Pressure Max 38,500 PSI 50,000 PSI
Common Bullet Grain Weight 200 – 395 gr. 150 – 250 gr.
Bullet Diameter 0.452” 0.358”
Common Barrel Twist Rate 1:24 1:12
Muzzle Velocity 1,900 – 2,200 FPS 2,200 – 2,400 FPS
Muzzle Energy 2,693 FT-FLS 2,300 FT-LBS
200 Yards Energy 1,072 FT-LBS 948 FT-LBS
200 Yard Velocity 1,363 FPS 1,540 FPS
200 Yard Drop -12.0” -7.8”
Free Recoil 21.0 FT-LBS 14.1 FT-LBS

Which Cartridge Will You Choose?

Picking a cartridge is like working on a project around the house. You always want the right tool for the job.

If you’re an AR guy or gal, 450 Bushmaster is an excellent choice for your next build when hunting at closer ranges. This cartridge’s variety of bullet weighs on the heavy side of what an AR-style rifle can launch, making it a versatile option for any kind of big game, inside of 200 yards.

If you’re a hunter wanting to shoot a lever-action rifle, revolver, or single shot, 360 Buckhammer is your best bet for a manageable, modern cartridge performance that’ll lay down a deer, hog or just about anything else at 200 yards or further.

360 Buckhammer’s recoil is noticeably lighter than cartridges like 450 Bushmaster, 45-70 Government or 400 Legend, making it easier and more pleasant to shoot, as well as enabling quick follow up shots.

But hey, who said you have to pick between 360 and 450? You might as well put both in your toolbox for whatever job – or buck - that comes along.

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