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360 Buckhammer vs 350 Legend

10.06.2023 | By Remington Contributor

Gearing up for hunting season? If you live in a straight wall state, you’ll need to select a legal cartridge to hunt with that can still lay the smack down on bears or bucks.

Map of the USA with states in green where you can use Straight Walled cartridges

These days, hunters and shooters have more straight wall ammo options to choose from than ever before. 350 Legend and 360 Buckhammer are two of the most popular.


Introduced January 2023, 360 BHMR is the new straight wall kid on the block. A modern, rimmed cartridge that was developed specially for lever action rifles, break open rifles and revolvers, 360 Buckhammer is a faster version of its parent cartridge, the classic 30-30 Winchester.

Shooting large .358 diameter bullets popularized in cartridges like 35 Remington and 35 Whelen, 360 Buckhammer pushes a 180-200 grain bullet 2,200 – 2,400 FPS out of the muzzle. This gives hunters plenty of energy and a favorable trajectory to 200 yards and beyond.

360 Buckhammer Cartridge standing on a table with a 360 Buckhammer Upset
(Pictured: 360 Buckhammer Cartridge & Upset)

Legal to hunt with in straight wall states, Buckhammer recoils noticeably lighter than cartridges like 45-70 Government, 444 Marlin, or 450 Bushmaster, yet brings heavier umph to big game than lesser powered straight wall lever gun options like 357 Magnum.

For more information on 360 Buckhammer, including ballistics and frequently asked questions, click here.


Since its introduction in 2019, 350 Legend has proven to be a popular straight wall round. Designed to function and feed through an AR-15/MSR rifle, 350 Legend shoots 160 – 180 grain bullets, initially moving at 2,100 – 2,300 FPS.

While 350 Legend does not have a technical parent case, the cartridge is similar to 223 Remington, albeit with a slightly different shell body taper. Like it’s cousin the 223, 350 Legend’s recoil is light and pleasant to shoot, even in light semi-auto rifles. 350 Legend is now available in other types of rifles and even handguns, including bolt-actions.


Both 360 Buckhammer and 350 Legend are great options for a hunting cartridge. Both cartridges are legal to hunt with in straight wall states, although you should always check your local fish and game regulations to confirm before you go afield. The major difference between these two kinds of ammunition is the type of rifles they are commonly chambered in.

360 Buckhammer was designed for lever action or break open rifles, as well as revolvers. 350 Legend is most often found in AR-15, MSR type platforms, but is also available in bolt action rifles and some handguns. With a case head similar to 223 Remington, 350 Legend does not function easily in a lever action type rifle.

There are velocity, energy, recoil, and terminal performance differences between the two cartridges, see below.

350 Legend 360 Buckhammer
Year Developed 2019 2022
Parent Case N/A – Similar to 223 Remington 30-30 Winchester
Case Type Rebated Rim, Straight Wall Rebated Rim, Straight Wall
Case Length 1.71” 1.80”
Cartridge Overall Length 2.25” 2.380 – 2.500”
Platform/Action-Types AR/MSR, Bolt Action, Single Shot Lever Action, Revolver, Bolt Action, Single Shot
SAAMI Pressure Max 55,000 PSI 50,000 PSI
Common Bullet Grain Weight 160 -180 gr. 150 – 250 gr.
Bullet Diameter 0.357” 0.358”
Common Barrel Twist Rate 1:16 1:12
Muzzle Velocity 2,100 – 2,300 FPS 2,200 – 2,400 FPS
Muzzle Energy 1,762 FT-FLS 2,300 FT-LBS
200 Yard Energy 920 FT-LBS 948 FT-LBS
200 Yard Velocity 1,520 FPS 1,540 FPS
200 Yard Drop -9.4” -7.8”
Free Recoil 8.5 FT-LBS 14.0 FT-LBS


If you prefer a lever action rifle, handgun, or break open rifle, 360 Buckhammer is the fastest straight wall cartridge currently on the market in its class, beating out 30-30 Winchester, 350 Legend, 400 Legend and 450 Bushmaster. Buckhammer’s speed and brush-busting .358 diameter bullet paired with manageable recoil make this round a deer, bear, and hog killer that punches above its weight class.

350 Legend is for folks that want to shoot an AR-15 or bolt action rifle during their season. Light, easy recoil and respectable velocity and energy have made 350 Legend a popular choice for any deer season inside of 200 yards.

360 Buckhammer Cartridge being loaded into a rifle
(Pictured: 360 Buckhammer and a Henry Repeating Arms lever gun)

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