Waterfowl Shooting

Safety in waterfowl hunting begins before you enter the hunting blinds:

  • Review, understand and obey the Ten Commandments of Firearms Safety.
  • Make sure that the gun safety is on at all times, except when you are ready to shoot.
  • Guns should be loaded only with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, preferably up.
  • Make sure you and your hunting partner agree on your zones of fire.
  • Guns should be stored vertically in the blind in a secure position until it is time to shoot. Don’t rest your gun across your lap.
  • Be conscious of muzzle blast at all times and don’t shoot over or near your hunting partner.
  • Assist your guide or partner by "marking" downward birds.
  • Tag your birds as soon as convenient for transportation to the picking room.
  • Good sportsmen only take shots they can make. This reduces the possibility of crippling a bird. When in doubt, pass up the shot. If you have questions about range or distance, check with your guide.
  • While you are waterfowling stay in the blind. Be sure and check with your guide or partner if you plan on retrieving a bird yourself.

Finally, before leaving the blind, and again before entering a vehicle, make sure your shotgun action is open and check your gun to ensure it is unloaded.