Upland Game Shooting

Pheasant and upland hunting offers some of the most exciting wing shooting. It also requires special attention to safety rules since you will be in the field at close quarters with a fellow hunter, a guide and a dog. It is also important to remember that flushed birds have unpredictable flight paths. Always be sure to review, understand and obey the Ten Commandments of Firearms Safety.

Attention must be paid to your gun carry to ensure that the muzzle is always pointed away from your companions. Ensure that you, your fellow hunter or guide agree on your zones of fire. Only take shots in your zone. Do not shoot at birds that fly between you, the guide or your fellow hunter. When in doubt, pass up the shot.

While you are walking the fields, stay in a line with your guide or your fellow hunter. This will not only provide a greater margin of safety, but improves the chance of flushing a bird. Also, be very careful not to take low shots that might endanger a dog.

Pheasant flying