Safe Reloading Procedures

ALWAYS Follow Safe Reloading Procedures

As in actual shooting, sensible and proven safety precautions should ALWAYS be followed. While most of these rules are based on obvious common sense, they should be reviewed frequently and followed at all times.

  • Use only those reloading formulas created and tested by responsible powder manufacturers, and follow published reloading formulas and tables exactly.
  • Never experiment! Do not interchange recommended components, and, for best results, use compatible, factory-matched components.
  • Never mix powders! Never use unidentified powders.
  • Carefully examine and select every hull - discard any that appear excessively worn or that show cracks or pinholes.
  • Do not rush - reload carefully and accurately. Avoid distractions while reloading.
  • Never smoke while reloading!
  • Never drink alcoholic beverages while reloading.
  • Always check powder and shot charges with a reliable scale.
  • Store primers in their original factory trays in a cool, dry area. Primers are flammable.
  • Store powder in a dark, cool, dry area; out of children's reach; away from open fire or heat. Powder is flammable.
  • Wear eye protection while reloading.
  • Keep your reloading area clean and neat.
  • Reloading involves hazardous materials, including lead. Wash hands before and after reloading.
  • Never shoot without approved safety glasses and hearing protection.

For further recommendations please contact the powder manufacturer. Always review instructions and follow warnings provided by powder manufacturers. Remember, if you reload, YOU are responsible for the safety and performance of your ammunition.