45 Auto Lot Number Identification Guide

38X628 through 38X765

38T401 through 38T414

To help you correctly identify the lot number ranges affected by this 45 AUTO product warning, below are the various locations the lot may be found on packaging. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these locations to determine if you have product affected by the warning.

Lot Number Locations

For a fast and easy way to determine if your product is affected by this warning, you can also:

  • Look at the primer. If the primer is brass colored, it is NOT part of the warning.
  • If your lot number has either an “R” or an “S” followed by any set of numbers, it is NOT part of the warning (Example: A02R12 or A02S12)

What does the lot number mean?

The lot number is a series of numbers and letters that tell when a cartridge has been manufactured and from what loading machine. For this product warning, you need to look for the number 38.

Lot Number Example