40 S&W 180 Gr. FMJ Ammunition Lot Code G20GAA200 Recall Notice

Remington has determined that the referenced lot code of 40 S&W 180-grain FMJ Ammunition 100-Round Value Pack may contain cartridges with an incorrect propellant charge. Usage of this lot of ammunition may result in damage to the firearm or serious personal injury.

Description: 40 S&W 180-Grain FMJ 100-Round Value Pack
Index Number: L40SW3B
Part #: 23795
Lot Code: G20GAA200

To determine if you have the lot code subject to this notice, the Lot Code G20GAA200 is printed on the inside flap of the box. Other codes are not subject to this recall. If you have any of the Remington ammunition, as identified above, immediately discontinue use of this ammunition and contact Remington at the telephone number listed below. Remington will arrange for the return shipment of your ammunition and upon receipt will send you replacement ammunition at no cost to you.

For any consumer questions or instructions on how to return your Remington 40 S&W 180- grain FMJ Ammunition 100-Round Value Pack, please contact the Remington Consumer Service Department at 1-800-243-9700, Prompt #3.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause