hunters carrying dead turkeys on their backs

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Turkey Hunting Tactics

03.15.2022 | By Remington Contributor

camoflaged hunter reading a shotgun in a tree line

Turkey hunting tactics come down to three key factors: Where you’re going to hunt, equipment you’ll be using, and the calls you’re going to use. There are a couple different ways to chase those gobblers. The two main ones? You’ll either be in a blind or sitting head-to-toe in camo with your back against a tree where you can’t be seen. Or! Option number three –– you’re out there running and gunning with a fan in your hands.

hunter carrying dead turkey on his back
Pictured: Adam Weis fanning during a turkey hunt

The tactics that you’re using will depend on the terrain and where you’re hunting. Are in you thick woods? Out in a field with minimal cover? If you’re fanning, make sure you’re safe and that it is legal in your area.

Tactics rely on where you’re at, the time of the year, and how those big ol’ birds have been responding. Got a buddy doing the calls? Make sure you know where he is at all times. Head out there with a plan and your hunt will be a successful one. No matter what the tactics, ensure you’re being safe and following all state regulations.

one hunter using a turkey call with another hunter in a blind reading his shotgun
Pictured: Adam Weis in a turkey hunting blind

To watch the full video from Adam Weis AKA WhoTeeWho and even more turkey hunting videos, tips, and tricks, visit

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