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Turkey Hunting Gear

02.24.2022 | By Remington Contributor

hunter sitting on a rock with a dead turkey

As winter passes and the first hints of spring appear, turkeys - hens, jakes and toms alike - leave their winter flocks and begin another year’s mating cycle. Spring turkey hunting season is here.

If you’re like most hunters, sick of their own winter flocks and feelin’ a little cooped up, it’s time to leave your roost, grab your shotgun, and get ready to bring home the turkey bacon.

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Turkey Hunting Gear Basics

What gear should I bring with me on my turkey hunt?

Before you hit the woods in search of spring thunder (IE lots of gobbling), it’s important to have the right gear. Below is a list of turkey hunting gear must-haves…and a few nice to haves:

  • Camo apparel + hat: Turkeys have stellar eyesight. You’ll want to be covered head to toe in camo patterned to fit your terrain. Temp swings in early spring can also dampen a hunt, so throw an extra layer into your hunting pack just in case.
  • Turkey calls: Box, mouth/diaphragm or slate/pot, you’ll want to learn at least a couple kinds of calls. To get fancy, you can also utilize locator calls like owl or crow calls. Utilize these calls sparingly, they’ll spook your turkeys if used excessively.
  • Shotgun + Accessories: Turkey guns are usually patterned/camouflaged with the right attachments for a sling and potentially red dot optic. 12, 20, 28GA or even 410 bore, paired with the right shells all get the job done.
  • Shotgun choke: You’ll want a tight constriction or choke. Utilize the full choke your shotgun came with or invest in specialized turkey chokes that are optimized for patterns, ranges, and even specific ammo. If in doubt, call the manufacturer to make sure your chosen choke will work with your ammo.
  • Ammo: Modern turkey shells fling high velocity payloads of densely patterned lead, bismuth or even tungsten shot at distances that would amaze hunters of the past. Look for shells that advertise tight patterns in the kill zones and distances that you’ll expect to take your Tom. Tungsten or other high-density shells can be pricey, but the increased range, effectiveness and retained energy can’t be argued with.

Stop the Strut graphic showing three different turkey loads, Nitro Turkey, Premier Magnum Turkey, and Premier TSS

  • Seat: Turkeys sense movement and spook easy. Sit patiently and sit still with a seat or chair. Some hunting packs have built-in seats for quick deployment.
  • Blind/Cover: Depends on your hunting tactics, turkey blinds can be everything from elaborate pop-up blinds, to camo nets to a natural built location you readied during your scouting trips. Or heck, that lone hardwood with good cover and a good view of the turkey flock’s usual night roosting spot.
  • Decoys/Fan: Know your local game laws and regulations and what’s legal in your areas. Utilizing a decoy spread can be a great way to get that big gobbler to come into your effective killing range. Be careful when fanning and use caution when around other hunters.
  • Hunting Pack: From the humble fanny pack to purpose-built turkey packs, you’ll need a place to store your calls, shells and supplies.
  • Comforts: Snacks, water, first aid kit, spare ammo, extra set of gloves, that book you’ve been meaning to get around to read. Don’t forget the little add ins to make your time afield easier.
  • Game Prep + Processing: Hoping your hunt is successful, don’t forget latex gloves, a knife or knife set, plastic bags, and any other supplies needed to harvest your bird and take it home. Remember to check your state’s regulations on carcass transport.
  • Cell Phone: For trophy pics, coordinating with your hunting buddy, and referencing your scouting work, don’t forget your phone. Apps like HuntStand and OnX are great resources for every hunter. Download your state wildlife agency’s app as well in case you need tips, resources or even to report your harvest and notch a digital tag.
  • Hunting license + tag

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