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TSS Turkey Loads Explained

02.20.2024 | By Remington Contributor

Preparing for spring thunder? The ammunition you choose for turkey season could help you notch your tag or send you home empty handed. One of today’s most popular type of turkey hunting shells loaded with TSS or Tungsten Super Shot.

But what is TSS? What size is best for a turkey hunt? How many pellets come in each shell, and how far will TSS shoot? Are TSS loads worth the money?

Read on for a tungsten turkey deep dive.

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What is TSS?

TSS or Tungsten Super Shot is a high density shot that is harder or more dense than other metal shot types commonly loaded into turkey shotshells such as steel, lead, or bismuth.

With a density of 18.1g/cc, TSS payloads deliver more retained energy across its range than other shot types. This means that your shot hits toms harder and maintains more effective energy to bag your bird from farther away than you would be able to shoot with a traditional, lead-loaded shell.

TSS Turkey cutaway with TSS logo

Due to this high density, TSS turkey shells use a smaller size of shot than you’d typically find in lead turkey ammo. For example, TSS #7 shot traveling at 1200 FPS has 7.8 ft-lbs. of energy, while lead #5 shot going 1200 FPS packs roughly the same foot pounds of energy on target. Part of why tungsten super shot shells is so deadly on game is that this smaller viable shot size means you can load a higher number of pellets into the same size shell…maximizing your shell’s pattern and performance, giving you more shot downrange on your gobbler.

What TSS Shell Should I Pick?

Since TSS patterns well with more retained energy, you don’t need as big of a payload as you might expect with a traditional lead shell – and put that 10GA away. With TSS, sub gauge shotguns are now great turkey options.

Remington’s Premier TSS line of ammo has 12GA, 20GA and 410 Bore options. All 3” shells, payloads vary from 13/16oz of 9 shot TSS (410) up to 1 3/4oz of 7 shot (12GA). Larger 7 TSS shot or smaller 9 TSS shot are both effective on turkeys, you’ll want to choose a shell based on your hunting conditions and expected range. Need a little extra umph and want to be able to take a shot at 30, 40, or 50 years? Go with a 12GA load of #7s and watch em fall. Hunting in tight cover with a pro on a box call getting em in close? You’ll be fine with #9s and a 20GA or even 410. For a chart showing shot count per shell, see below.

Other manufacturers have even more TSS or tungsten blend options. HEVI-SHOT has 28 Gauge HEVI-18 tungsten shells available in both 7 and 9 shot.

images of a turkey target shot at 40 yards with 12 gauge and 20 gauge Lead and TSS loads

Is TSS Worth the Cost?

TSS hits hard and lets you shoot denser patterns farther. The tradeoff - Tungsten is expensive. TSS shot costs manufacturers way more than traditional shot materials like lead.

With TSS, you’ll pay more per shell than other loads, but you also get a lot for your hard-earned dinero. Increased shot density, increased hunting range, thicker patterns, and allowance of usage on lead-restricted public grounds might just make that TSS shell worth it. If your off on the turkey hunt of a lifetime – or just filling the freezer on your back 40 – the cost of your shells is minimal compared to your time and other investments.

Going to try TSS this turkey season? Invest in a TSS specific turkey choke for your shotgun. TSS specific chokes are not only optimized to help your pattern but are also assured to withstand the tough tungsten shot that’s rocketing down your barrel when you pull the trigger.

Premier TSS

Index No. Order No. Gauge/Bore Length (In.) Muzzle Velocity (FPS) Ounces Of Shot Shot Size
TSS1237 28043 12 3 1200 1 3/4 7
TSS1239 28045 12 3 1200 1 3/4 9
TSS2037 28063 20 3 1100 1 1/2 7
TSS2039 28065 20 3 1100 1 1/2 9
TSS41039 28069 410 3 1100 13/18 9
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