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Remington Nitro-Steel Duplex

11.07.2023 | By Remington Contributor

Meet Nitro-Steel Duplex –– Remington’s new and improved take on a classic Big Green shotshell load. Nitro-Steel Duplex is a duck hunting load that combines two sizes of shot. The smaller size shot helps waterfowl junkies pattern consistently up close, while the larger shot retains energy to knock down ducks at longer ranges.

Initial offerings include 12 gauge, 2x6 shot, 2x4 shot, BBx2 shot, and BBx4 with much more to come, including 20 GA.

The reintroduction of Remington’s iconic Duplex loads now comes with leading Nitro-Steel shot. In the old days of Remington, we’re proud to say that we were already ahead of the times with our dual shot technology –– and now that Big Green is back, we are bringing the classics with us, with some spit and shine of course.

Nitro-Steel Duplex packaging, calls, decoys, shotgun, shotshell, and knives on a table

What some perceive as a “new way of thinking” often has roots in the past.

“We got to thinking, how do we make a splash? How do we get back in the duck hunting market? Remington had this load once before, so we took our new version of Nitro-Steel Duplex and make it better. We went to three-inch, ounce and a quarter, running up 1450 feet per second velocity, which is fast…” said Ronnie Evans, Remington’s Shotshell Product Line Manager.

Nitro Steel Duplex loads are showing exceptional performance at all ranges with a variety of chokes. Our Research and Development team has been testing the patterning capabilities based off SAAMI standards, and the results have been remarkable.

Nitro-Steel Duplex rendering with numbered bullet points

“SAAMI Standard is a 40 yard test within a 30-inch circle. So, we know what the pellet count is and how much is in the shot before we pull the trigger. Then, after the shot, we count and see how much of the Duplex steel shot hits the inside of that 30-inch circle. The higher the number, the higher the percentage on target, the better the pattern. We saw some really great numbers with this,” said Colt Lloyd, Remington’s Research and Development Engineer.

“What we’re also seeing is that the larger shot size, which is coming out of the barrel first, is almost lead blocking for the smaller shot size behind it and helping the smaller shot pattern. The smaller shot is drafting off of the larger -- which is why you're also not seeing the pattern spread out as much. We didn't get there overnight, and we tried a bunch of different tactics.”

The larger shot in Nitro Steel Duplex retains energy necessary to get down range, while the smaller shot maintains dense patterns up close, making these shells a force to be reckoned with for any waterfowl season. Whether it be field or timber, Nitro Steel Duplex has got what you need to fill your bag limit. These shotshells are loaded in a drab hull with a black oxide cap for less reflection, making them the ultimate duck load, ideal for mallards, wood ducks, redheads, wigeons or even teal.

Nitro Steel Duplex shells are not only a great choice for ducks and geese, but for hunting pheasant, quail, and upland game with steel shot as well. The goal was a multipurpose shotshell that would be the all-around selection for wing shooting sports, and we hit it right on the nose (or beak, you might say).

Nitro-Steel Duplex shot pattern

“This shell has a steel payload that works at multiple ranges on multiple species. That's what we're after. You've got a shot that could be as close as 15 yards, and the next shot for you could be 40 yards because of the wind. The Duplex has its place in a lot of different circumstances,” said Remington’s Marketing Director. “Sometimes you're out hunting pheasants and you might hit that covey of quail up close, or you might jump a rooster up further out. These shells are going to get the job done for you.”

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For a deep dive on Nitro-Steel Duplex, listen to The Remington Podcast’s episode on this topic here:

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