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Must-Have Handgun Hunting Gear

06.05.2023 | By Caleb Giddings of Taurus

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Today we’re moving into a field that is a passion for quite a few people: handgun hunting and wilderness carry.

Let’s talk calibers and use cases first. The .44 Magnum is versatile, powerful, and still portable. Its terminal ballistics are good enough to take any game that walks on four legs in North America. However, it’s still easy enough to shoot that you’re able to take a running coyote with it.

But what if hunting with the handgun isn’t your primary goal? Instead, you’re concerned about protecting yourself in the backcountry from dangerous predators. That’s why many people favor a small to medium framed revolver chambered in .357 Magnum. Like the .44 Magnum, .357 Magnum can do quite a lot. It can shoot everything from wrist-shattering 200 grain hard cast bullets all the way down to powderpuff .38 Special full wadcutters.

For serious carry in the wilderness, chest packs make a lot of sense. They keep the gun accessible but also sheltered from any elements you may encounter. Certain chest rigs can support an additional pack on the front of it. This is perfect for carrying items like medical gear or binoculars. 

If you’re just going on a casual hike and still want to carry, don’t dismiss the often-maligned fanny pack. Yes, fanny packs are back in style. You heard it here first. So, packing a non-description waist bag in a “normal” color allows you to keep a gun on you without broadcasting to the world that you’re carrying.

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