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How To Shoot Long Range

04.03.2023 | By Remington Contributor

shooter looking down a rifle scope towards a hill far away

Today’s hunter and shooter is stretching the limits of their long-range guns and ammunition further and further – alongside increasing accuracy and precision.

Whether you’re gearing up for a long-distance shooting competition or tuning up your hunting rifle at a shooting range near you, learning how to shoot at longer ranges will make you better every time you pull the trigger.

What is Long Range Shooting?

Odds are, a West Virginia or Arkansas big woods deer hunter’s long range shot is little different yardage than a western hunter’s long shot across a canyon in Utah, Wyoming, Montana or Idaho.

Similarly, what used to be a long range shot in a bench rest rifle competition at a couple hundred yards is now the starting point for a long-range precision shooting sport like PRS or NRL.

With better tools, gear and skillsets, trained hunters and shooters are now routinely shooting 500, 700, 1000 yards and more. But what kind of gear and training will you need to shoot that far?

shooter laying on the ground and looking down a rifle scope

Long Range Shooting Gear

You’ll need a quality bolt action or AR-15 style rifle, a good long range specific optic or scope, a trusted ballistic app, as well as aerodynamically efficient ammunition to accurately shoot long range. For a gear deep dive, check out our recent article

Modern, higher velocity cartridges like 6.5 Creedmoor or 6.5 PRC shooting high BC projectiles also help you shoot further by reducing the amount of bullet drop, and hence shooter adjustment, over long yardage.

For more on Long Range Shooting Gear, click here.

How to Get Started Hunting or Shooting Long Range

  • Practice, practice, practice!

  • Find a local range that has targets at the distance you’d like to shoot and spend some time there. You’ll meet like-minded folks who’re also tuning their long-range skills and will have a place to test out new ideas, gear and techniques.

    Your range doesn’t have a 1,000 yard berm? Practice your skills as far out as you can. Mix up your shooting positions, drills, and support to be ready for any scenario, and find your weak spots. Practicing shooting prone, off a backpack, sitting, kneeling, and building a stable shooting position are all skills you’ll need in competition or on the hunt. To mimic high pressure situations, time yourself and see how fast you can get stable and safely take an accurate shot.

shooter standing by a truck tailgate and holding a rifle

  • Attend a local PRS or NRL match: Maybe the fastest way to learn how to shoot at longer ranges is by taking part in a local match. The PRS and NRL websites have links to events in your area. Attending an event will jump start your shooting technique and give you a network of people to ask questions and learn from.

  • Learn from the Pros: Ranges, training centers, hunting outfitters and lodges now offer a variety of affordable workshops and trainings designed to make you a better long-range shooter or hunter. Training events combine classroom theory teaching the basics of rifle and scope set up, marksmanship fundamentals, wind calls, ballistics and more, then take your new skills to the shooting range where you’ll be coached behind the gun.

    SAAM, Gunsite Academy, GA Precision and many others offer quality courses.

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