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How To Shoot 3-Gun

01.05.2022 | By Remington Contributor

So you want to get into competitive 3-gun shooting. Remington ambassador and 3-gun competitor, Danyela D’Angelo shares her run-down of how to get into the exhilarating sport.

3-Gun Basics

Beginners shooting a 3-gun match will likely participate in local or outlaw match (which means it’s not held by IDPA or IPSC). There are 3 basic divisions to join –– all of which include shooters with varying levels of expertise and gear requirements.

guns, ammo, and accessories laying on a table
Pictured: Danyela D’Angelo’s pre-shoot guns and gear prep

Types of Divisions

1. For Limited Division (a popular division for first-timers and beginners), you’ll need:

  • Iron sights on a pistol
  • Scoped rifle
  • 9 rounds in a shotgun

2. For Open Division, you’ll need:

  • Pistol with electronic sights and compensated barrel
  • Rifle with magnified scope
  • Shotgun with electronic sights, compensated barrel, tube/box fed magazines, and unlimited rounds

3. And for Scope Tactical Division, you’ll need:

  • Pistol with iron sights
  • Rifle with magnified scope
  • Shotgun with 9 rounds

Danyela D'Angelo's competition belt rigPictured: Danyela D’Angelo’s competition belt rig

Danyela’s Tips for Beginner 3-Gun Competitors

  1. Look at the stage and recognize what guns are going to be used and what your focus will be. For example, long-range rifle requires a slower pace to make sure you’re getting your hits. When shooting pistol, your goal is to shred the paper as fast as possible, requiring less focus than a rifle.
  2. There is A LOT of back and forth in 3-gun. You’ll run with pistol and immediately switch to shooting long-range rifle in a belly-down position. For this, practice breath control and recognize when you need to slow down. Avoid trying to shoot your rifle targets with the same speed in which you shoot your pistol targets.
  3. You will have a certain amount of time to do a walk-through prior to the start –– this is one of the most important things you can do to prepare. You have 5-10 minutes to look at the stage and pretend you’re shooting, determine which targets you’re going to shoot at which time, and which guns you’re going to pick up. After that, a range safety officer (RSO) will determine the order in which you shoot.
  4. Danyela’s biggest words of encouragement? “JUST GO.” You don’t have to be totally prepared, know what you’re doing, or be a pro. Not ready to compete? Don’t hesitate to attend a competition to watch from the sidelines.

Watch the full video at And for more 3-gun shooting tips from Danyela D’Angela, visit

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