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How to Hog Hunt: Tips for Beginners

01.24.2022 | By Remington Contributor

two hogs standing in dried grass

If your goal is to fill your freezer and your smoker in one fell swoop, we’ve got some good news –– states like Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, Georgia, California, Louisiana, Virginia, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Ohio allow hog hunting year-round (with specific requirements/regulations, of course).

Scout & Track

The South in particular has an abundance of farmland to hunt. Don’t hesitate to knock on doors and talk to local farmers to see if you can play a role in managing predators and nuisances. These pigs cause over $1.5B in damages to crops, cattle, and property every year. Often, in return for being able to utilize their land, they’ll let you hunt white tail and/or turkey as well.

Look for farmland with crops like peanuts, soybeans, and corn. Farmers with these types of crops tend to have a larger pig problem than the rest. Scout the land, check for tracks, and look for where the pigs are rooting up (this is where they turn the dirt to look for a specific kind of food source, especially if peanuts are buried in it).

female hunter walking down a dirt path with a rifle on their back and a box of ammo in their hand
Pictured: Aly from Alabama looks for wild hog tracks and rooting


To take your hog hunt to the next level, utilize gear like night vision, thermal optics, and electronic or solar powered traps. These traps will come in handy when you’re trying to gather a whole sounder and helps to avoid scaring off the others off when you’ve only caught a couple. Pigs are smart and won’t return to that same spot right away.

Scent & Sound

Feral hogs are notoriously aggressive beasts, so take advantage of predator calls to lure them out into the open. Their noses are their primary defense against any kind of danger so if they smell you, it’s often game over –– wind is in your favor.


AR/MSR cartridges like 223, 308, 300 BLK and others work well on hogs. These tough animals have a thick hide so be ready to take follow up shots. Lever gun classics like 30-30 Win or the new 360 Buckhammer will also put a stop to any sounder.

As always, be good to your farmers, protect their crop, and happy hog huntin’!

To watch the video, click here: And for more rifle hunting tips from Remington Ambassador, Aly from Alabama, visit

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